Manchester Marathon

Hi all
Is anyone taking part in the Manchester Marathon on 13 Oct? Just saw it on this site, but despite being in Manchester myself, I've never heard anything about it. I'm a beginner but would love to set myself the challenge of doing a marathon on home turf!
Anyone taking part?


  • I'm a Manc myself and did intend to do this but lazyitis struck and my longest run is still 10 miles. So maybe next year.

    If you do do it, good luck and let us know how it went.
  • I am looking into this. Used to run 6 years ago to half marathon standard. Have e-mailed to see how you enter

    It is harder to get in shape as you get older ain't it!!!

    In a moment of reduced sanity, I have said I would do this for charity. If you enter as well, that will be 2 of us at least
  • i'm doing it....well if they finally write back to me....i've sent off the entry anyway....
    hoping for 3.40....maybe see yous there..
    i was originally a manc, but now have the misfortune to live in cambridge...
  • where did you get the entry form from?
  • sent off for it....the address is belle vue leisure centre, manchester....can't remember rest, though that should be could get it by phoning the council people, i think they're organising it in some way or other...
  • I'm not a manc but have entered the race. Fluffa, check your bank statement if you paid the entry fee by cheque. Mine has just been cleared so I presume I'm in. If anyone is looking for an application form look at Closing date for applications is 13 Sept. Hope to see some of you there.
  • thanks for the help. I have downloaded the form from entryforms website. This is very useful

    I am hoping to survive the course, let alone set a time.

    hope to see you all there. will bring my sponsor forms along. get your wallets out. (lol)

  • I have received my notification for this race. Has anyone run this before? I am curious about the course.

    I know it starts at Heaton Park, and ends in Wythenshawe Park. All I know is that whichever rout it takes from Heaton Park it is going to be uphill within the first mile
  • please could somebody tell me if they have recieved there race number for the manchester marathon yet
  • me again just to tell you about myself I am 30 been running for 18 months did manchester marathon last year as my 1st and then London this year (got lucky in ballot!) and now doing manchester this year, im from near rochdale and love running, what a buzz doin the marathon, im on target for 3 hours something don`t know what the something is yet but lower the better! if anybody wants to email me the please do at [email protected] and good luck to all you like minded runners out there and I`ll see you at Heaton Park on a cold Sunday morning (Carn`t wait!!!)
  • I haven't received a number yet, but the cheque has cleared, and confirmation and a receipt has been sent to me, along with a T-Shirt.

    The race pack will be sent from 16/9/02. It says that if it is not received by 24/9/02 to telephone 0161 226 9127 or fax 0161 226 9440.

    Your time of 3 hours something sounds impressive. I am looking to survive the course
  • yeh nice one gareth, so with a bit of luck I will get it all in the morning , I`m sure you will surive the course
  • Well I suppose there has to be a first time for everything. Hope I survive to see a second one......!
    (I just know I'm going to regret this big time on Monday morning).
    Still, I'll get to revisit some of the old neighbourhood.
  • See you there. Have trained as much as I can. Will do a short run tomorrow to limber up a bit more.

    I am getting sick of pasta. can't wait to have a few weeks off after the run to wind down a bit.

    Voyager, are you from these parts, then
  • Yeah, now live south of Stockport, but was born in Belle Vue "many years ago.....". Did the Macclesfield 1/2 marathon 2 weeks ago and am feeling the strain in my right knee after all the hills.
    Also currently working in Estonia during the week, so have been running through snow this week (it's just arrived). Food is somewhat limited in range here (I'm near the Russian border), so don't complain about pasta - you never see it here, except in the capital.
    So, should be an interesting experience.....
  • just to say i'll see you guys on sunday.....and good luck....had my last 4 miles this morning before sunday, and after a few minutes started wondering how the hell i would be able to do 26 miles in a few days given how shit i felt ...well it always seems to be like this before a marathon, i try to think of it in terms of hours rather than miles.....i'll see you in bits at the end ;)
    take care
  • Sorry, voyager. Pasta sounds like a luxury to you. I thought it was cold in Bacup, but no snow yet!!! Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

    I went for my final training run on Thursday. Did a very hilly 7 miler. Felt fine.

    Hope you feel better on Sunday Fluffa. There are lots of people looking out for you
  • So what numbers have we been assigned then. I am number 934
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