Achilles / Ankle Problems

I'm mid 40's and started running on a regular basis again after many years of not doing too much. I really enjoy it but after a couple of weeks I get sore Achilles tendons, calves and ankles and have to rest for a week. I have always been flat footed and don't think I've got the best trainers for me - could these be the problem. As I've put my entry in for the London Marathon I'm worrying more about my injury than building up my miles.


  • It could be your running shoes so would suggest checking whether you've got the right ones for your running style. Look on this web site for advice.

    Make sure you stretch after each run.
  • Nerun,
    I agree with Bobolink about the shoes an would go one further in the stretching department. If you have a biomechanical problem that is causing the pains you can always try a specialist, but before you do I would make sure its not just caused by restrictions in other parts of your body. What happens in this case is that in order to compensate you end up working the areas that are moving more putting undue wear and tear on them - in your case probably your ankles. The first step to freeing up any restrictions will be to increase your flexibility. Therefore I would recomend that you sort your self out a 20-30 minute flexibility program that you do on your rest days as well as stretching after your runs.

    Hope this is some help
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