Marathons in Sept/Oct/Nov

As I'm currently injury-struck, I don't think that I'm going to do myself justice in the FLM this year.
Anybody recommend a marathon in Autumn which I could enter?
The FLM this year is my first marathon so, ideally, I'd like a big race so that I don't come last. ;-)

Obviously, the NY marathon is high on the list but other suggestions would be welcome.


  • How about Dublin in October. I entered last year but had to pull out due to heart problem (now fixed). Will be there this year come hell or high water.

    The Guiness is no enticement whatsoever.

  • Hi Jones

    Done three autumn marathons, first did Dubs which is a good run, crowds a bit sparse at points but a good weekend. Remember the race is on a Monday and is not that flat.

    NYC - tough course, disappointed with the organisation but the crowds and sheer atmosphere were amazing. Breakfast run was great too.

    Berlin- Good start, good crowds, course as flat as a pancake, free beer at the end, world record course, I managed sub 3 for the first time. Again another good breakfast run with lots of freebees.

    My training partner did Cardiff which was a flat two loop race but generally quite good. She also won Leiceter for the second year in a row but said it was total hell, too hilly.

    Hope that helps

  • How many miles is Flora London Marathon
  • SRK 26.2 The distance runners are measured by!

    Ok so Jones the Steam you have had the big ones suggested but heres a couple of others.

    1st Sunday in September Thanet Coastal Marathon. Field of about 100, fast course, undulating first half, flat second.

    Also in September is Beachy Head on the South Coast.

    October sees the Abingdon Marathon (see report listed in 'where the forumites raced'. or if you want to go overseas why not try the Amsterdam marathon.

    Can't think of any in November but in December there is also one in Luton.

  • how about the snowdonia jones the steam,sounds just the job for you ,isn`t it......
  • Hi Jones

    As mentioned by Ashley, Thanet undalating then flat second half - right on the seaside so quite scenic, good atmosphere, organised by good club.

    I'd recommend Battersea Park which last year was a couple of weeks after Thanet (in mid Sept). It's also a small field (I think about 70 last year) - it used to be 26 one mile laps but last year was approx. 13 longer laps, totaly flat. For me the laps aren't too bad as, while the scenery doesn't change much, you're in company a lot and you get regular drinks/encouragment from lap counters. Its a really friednly atmosphere, orgnised by Tony Smith from Run & Become in London. Probably my favourite event. I'd have though ideal PB material (but I've always run it as pleasant training run).

    There's also Kingston (Surrey), usually Octobe, also flat. Marathon is part of much biger event, 1-200 runners out wih 2-3000 running 8 or 16s. 3 laps, each has nice stretch by Thames/Hampton Court Palace and then fairly boring suburban streets. Good atmospshere at the start/finish area. I've done 3, and its my trainign partner's favourite.

    I've never run Beacy Head but belive it to be extremely hilly, also I think fills quickly.

    Why not do London to Brighton (early Oct)? Its much more do-able than you'd think. Last year I did Thanet and Batt Park as build up...
  • you cant do london to brighton unless youve proved yourself with a sub 4 hour marathon
  • Hi Jones,

    How about a weekend in Switzerland, Lausanne Marathon, 24 October.

    Very well organised, flat course, along the lake side, with view of the French Alps and the Swiss Vineyards.....

    Also available, half, quarter, 5km, kids 4km, wheelchair half, and inline roller half!!!!

    Cheap accom close to the start and finish, and cheep flights with easyjet to Geneva a 40 min train ride away.

    Numbers and Entries available up to 1hr before the start of each race....
  • If you like hills then Jungfrau in Switzerland is also worth considering, but I think you may need a backpack and some mountainering geer to complete it. Don't be put off though because beer and chocolates await all finishers at the top!
  • Swiss Bobby

    How many run the Lausanne marathon and can you get quick starts as I am looking for a flat fast race in october.

  • Berlin
  • about 2000 for the full marathon. quick start def, down hill for most of the 2nd km
  • Oh SRK, you've made my day! I apologise if you're a new poster here or a new person to running, but that was hilarious!

    My sister made an even funnier comment by saying is London shorter then?

    Again sorry, but I needed cheering up today
  • Been thinking of another couple that I have heard about. I am doing Phillie this year and it is meant to be a flat and friendly marathon which refuses to pay appearence money. Flat course and a field of about 6000 I believe, it will be run on Nov. 21st this year. Found the details by doing a google search so why not do the same.

    Another one i had cnasidered was Marathon de La Rouchelle, again in November and in a beautiful part of France. Lots of local government support as they are wanting to make it the second biggest marathon in France after Paris. Again, Google for the web-site

    Good luck

  • When's Disney marathon? That's billed as a world beater, in an unusual location - the theme park before opening! Dead flat I'm told. Being Florida flights are dirt cheap. I think Ryanair would go there for 50p.
  • Yeah but even it they did go there would want 8 hours on a plane with a seat that does not recline and not seat pocket, and not blinds, so you can not sleep!!!!

    next they will be putting seats on the wings!
  • and will their baggage allowance allow you to take your running kit with you.
  • Thanks for all the responses. Given that I'm an abject coward and would like to lose myself in a huge crowd so that I'm not right at the back, I think that it'll be Dublin for me this year. Not as big as NYC but far, far closer (and without the jetlag).
    Seems a bit wierd to run on a Monday which isn't a bank holiday but who am I to argue?

    It could be the start of a slippery slope, though. Having done London and Dublin, how long before I want to do Edinburh, Cardiff and Belfast to complete the set? :-o
  • I'm probably doing Florence which is in November.
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