20 Milers.......

After a list/contact for next years 20milers so i can plan my build up etc... for london.


  • Just under 20 miles. 18 point something miles. Camel Canter, Cornwall. End of March. Flat.
  • Hull in Jan/Feb. Sorry no other details.
  • Here is a nice run (Its my clubs)
    Ropsley RAID 15 mile Trail Run & Walk Sunday 1st December
    See www.ropsley.org.uk for details and reveiws of last year etc...
    See you there,
    P.S. There is a great Goody Bag and a nice certificate for all finishers.
  • Thanet 20 (Kent) - not sure what time of year, early spring I think so useful as a spring marathon build-up. Also one organised by Reading Road Runners at the same time of year, can't remember where exactly but Berkshire somewhere - sorry not to be more helpful but a websearch should find the Thanet 20 and Reading Club site.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    It's called the Bramley 20, held in February. Also has a 10-miler. Near Reading, in Basingstoke direction. Fills up well in advance, so book early. Details will be here:


    Beep beep!
  • Stafford 20 - In March
    Ashby 20 (Ashby de La Zouch) - Also in March

  • Gloucester 20 in March
    Also Rhayader 20 (Mid Wales-Very Hilly)
  • I think there is an 20 in Essex in February but am awaiting confirmation.

    Very basic details are contained in the rival running fitness, or so I have been told!!!
  • Milford 21 early March - hills on cannock Chase
  • There is a 30km run around Valentines Day in Stamford Lincs. Its a bit hilly but very popular for London training
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