Progression in coaching

How does someone progress to club coach. Clubs I have been involved with have three qualified coaches and twice as many Assistant coaches.

I now find myself without a club, clubs I have approached have no qualified coaches with opening to take assistant on. The regional welfare officer can not help, plus England also cannot. So are Assistant coaches going to progress.

I am in Staffordshire and looking for mentor any help would be welcome 


  • Helping with a qualified coach would give you the opportunity to practice but if you're a qualified coaching assistant you can still take the coach course. Its 4 days in total; one weekend, one other day and an assessment day. If you want to teach road runners then the coach in fitness runing if the one you want to do. The other one is just a general coach. Look at the coaches decision tree on the England Athletics site to decide.

  • Thank stylish have spoken to head of welfare, he told me the same. But a bit concerned about cost, because on benefits. But hope will get help with this

  • I recently encountered this problem myself and am looking for an answer. Kick me if there's something)
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