Thursdays session

Over cast but brightening up :o)

What : Core Stability Session (AM) - Short 4-mile with sprints (PM)
Why : Darlington 10k Sunday

Last Rest Day : Saturday
Last Hard Day : Tuesday



  • Drat! Missed top billing again. My own fault for having breakfast, clearing my paperwork backlog, hanging out the washing, taking the letters to the post and having more breakfast before logging on. Woke up ridiculously early because I was starving, which hasn't happened for ages. Looks like it might be time to start upping the calories.

    What: I'm going to be a gym bunny this evening.

    Why: Had a lovely run last night and want to take advantage of my last day of free membership at Holmes Place (still not decided whether or not to join, but I probably won't). One of tonight's projects is to experiment with nibbling an energy bar washed down with water on the run as I think I'm going to have to accept that I can't use isotonic drinks.

    Days since last hard day: 1

    Days since last rest day: 6

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Wet and dull!
    What - hour and a half cross training at the gym.
    Why - because I enjoy it!
    Might do some fast intervals this evening if time permits ('cos I want to run like Paula!), but I'm going out with the girls, so I doubt I'll fit it in - never mind, the right arm might get some excercise instead!

  • What: attempted 3m easy and judged it wise to abort after one mile. Why: wish I knew. Something I ate? 3 days of benchwork? It's the way this always is, make the plans- and then fail to follow them. Probably happened because the gremlins heard I was planning to run a half.

    Half! Half a block, more likely.

    Give it a rest til Monday.

    See you then.
  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    Okay, this is the first time I've done this so I hope I get it right.

    What: 3 loops of the Uni campus totalling 6 hilly miles.

    Why: I'm just trying to work out the real answer to that one, but the other answer is that my schedule says that's what I need to do and despite feeling tired and having friends to stay tonight, I'm going to attempt to do it at about 3pm.

    Last hard day: Tuesday
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    My plans for the day:

    What: 4.5 miles steady pace (not too fast).
    Why: One of two weekly sessions designed to up the mileage.
    Last hard: Yesterday.
    Last rest: Monday.

    Did 3 x 1K fast last night, with about 3-minute recoveries between. Recoveries were supposed to be the same length as the time it took to do the interval, but I got bored waiting! Ran the first interval too hard so the second two were at least 10-15 seconds slower. Will know next time! Didn't help that the heavens opened midway through my 2nd K and I got absolutely SOAKED from head to toe. Once I was wet I thought I may as well carry on, despite the odd looks I was getting from people struggling along under umbrellas!
  • Minkin

    A HRM is a good tool for doing structured session such as above. For example you could do 3 x 1k session as:

    3 x 1k @ 90% MHR then recover until HR = 65% MHR

    This would keep each interval at a set workload and prevent any interval being too hard/fast. Also this would allow you to see improvement over time due to the time it take to run 1k @ 90% MHR will reduce as your ability improves and the sessions will always provide the required stress to continue improving.

  • What: probably v slow trot on grass - possibly as little as 2 miles (unmonitored)
    Why: Possibly not fully recovered from Monday & planning a long interval session tomorrow
    Last hard day: Mon
    Last rest day: Sun
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: morning - weights, evening - 8 mile conditioning run
    Why: Hard session last night (3 x 4 x 300m off 30 sec recoveries)
    Last rest day: Friday
    Last hard day: Yesterday
  • What: am: swim 1500m - in nice new 50m pool :)
    pm: run 9m - 15 mins easy, 30 mins at 1/2 Marathon pace, 15 mins easy
    Why: Thursday tempo run
    Last rest day: Sunday
    Last hard day: Yesterday
  • Have been following threads re: HRM's since buying one about 2 months ago, my heart rate has dropped from around 160bpm to 145bpm on a normal slow run,approx 7/8 miles so I guess this means my fitness has improved. Now I would like to improve my speed. Having just read the RW method of finding my MHR using a treadmill (run flat out for 3mins rest for 2, run for 3 and take highest reading). If I follow Wildwill's 3 x 1k session, how often should I do this.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Ironman, does that mean you're doing 2 hard days on the trot?
  • WW

    I normally do speed sessions once a week where it is a structured speed session once every two weeks, alternating between intervals and Hill sets – my speed sessions the weeks in between are unstructured and are normally farklark or tempo.

    But every one is different – find what is right for you

  • What: Staying at home all day
    Why : Middle child up all night being sick and so is in no fit state to be dragged to Reading to get some new running shoes for Mummy

    Did do my second 10 miler ever yesterday, rather painful and I walked sometimes but that's okay because RW said you can.

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    What: 4 miles recovery run
    Why: yesterday did 10 miles with 2x2 miles at 5k pace in the middle. Feeling drained of energy!
    last rest day: Tuesday
    Last hard day: yesterday
  • Hope the babba is better soon, Daisy. I hate it when my kids are ill - really feel for the poor little blighters.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • What: interval session on track
    Why: one of 3 core weekly runs
    Days since last hard run: 0 (today)
    Days since last rest: 3 (monday)

    Did 1 mile warmup jog, 4 x 1600m (5:43, 5:40, 5:39, 5:38) with 2:30 recoveries and then 1 mile cooldown jog.

    Drew, what is 3 x 4 x 300m, is this 12 x 300m or something entirely different?

  • Is it ok to join in even if not always possible to post after every run? (I have to sneak on at work).

    What: 3x2k at 10k pace plus 400m recoveries
    Why: RW 1/2 marathon scehdule says so (although I swapped this weeks runs around)

    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last run: Tuesday

    Still not sure I'm running at the pace I'm meant to be, to aim for 1:45 though. I can measure it on the treadmill for the intervals, but don't think I'm up to pace on my other runs on the road. Never mind - have to wait and see!
  • Doobs

    of course it'd ok to join in, the more the merrier :-)

  • What: 4.5 miles, alternating 2 minutes at 1/2m pace and 2 minutes easy
    Why: Latest day in half marathon training prog
    Last Rest: yesterday
    Last Hard: Tuesday
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