I have been a long suffering shareholder of Eurotunnel (having paid £9.50 per share (current price £50p).
During my ownership I have wanted to run a marathon throught the tunnel, 22 miles through a service tunnel full of strip lights would I think be the ultimate challange to ones mental staminar.

Apart from all the refugees in France would anyone else like to take part in this race. If enough people are interested then I will approach Eurotunnel to see if its possable (I guess it would have to be from UK to France for obvious reasons!)


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a cracker, Ashley. You might as well get something out of your "investment".
  • There are the runners who are doing Paris marathon then running to London for the London Marthon can you ask them If we can use their service tunnel too?
  • Great idea!

  • And then we could buy loads of cheap booze and drink it on a train back
  • I would do it as long as i don't have to run back
  • better remember you passport then Mr Silly....
  • Sounds interesting ! Limited overtaking possibilities though, and don't let any wombles enter !
  • pourqui non?
    moi aussi . . .

  • NN if you were trying to say "Why not" it is "Pourquoi pas" or if you are into shorthand computer french "pk pas"
  • Sounds like a great one. If they don't agree, we could ask the refugees at Sansgate to organise it for us!!!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Nice Idea,

    I to am a shareholder, although I picked them up somewhat cheaper (48pence)...
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    A most excellent idea.

    Probably need some high-profile personality to front it for a specific charity before they will agree to it for publicity purposes though.

    It will probably need to be run like the Greenwich Tunnel Marathon - i.e. at 2 O'clock in the morning. I'd definately be up for it.
  • sounds like great fun!
    hmmm hope my pension company didn't by shares in the tunnel
  • Thanks for your interest and I have sent an email to Eurotunnel requesting and also listing your suggestions. 2am throught the service tunnel led by a celeb (the diver from this years marathon to start it off?) to raise money for charity seems good to me.

    What about the Guiness Book of Records for the deepest race, or some other record any one got a copy?

    To the London to Paris crew - great idea, only having completed one marathon I am out next year but perhaps one day. Still it would be great if we could co-ordinate the two.

    Sorry but no more duty frees although drink is cheaper in France. I suppose the ironmen could always run back towing their booze & fags!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Assuming permission for such an event was given; who would be approached to take on the organisation of such an event ?

    Presumably Folkestone AC would have an interest.

    An important issue is the number of participants. A large organisation like Flora Marathon would want a mass participation event i.e. 1000s of runners which would turn the challenge into a not so fun fun-run.

    It would have to be limited to just a few hundred and even then they would probably have to start at intervals to avoid congestion at the start.

    I really like the idea but it will need someone with some clout to get backing for it.

    Fingers crossed for a positive response.
  • Jeez...Imagine how many renditions of "oggie, oggie, oggie" you'd get in the Eurotunnel!!!
  • Suddenly there is a sansgate running club with a new membership of 70,000 people all wanting to run in costumes of furniture, beds, dining tables, Finishing with medal, space blanket and map of nearest social securty office! Just kidding!! Actually sounds like a fun idea. Hope you get good interest. I was just having a look at the funnier side of it, that's all! No offense intended.
  • I love the comments and the funny ones really add some extra zest to wanting to get it going. You are all so right the press will have a field day. Perhaps a souvenier book of press jokes could be awarded to runners instead of the T-Shirt - or better still a T-shirt to all finishers featuring some of the cartoons.

    Scotty you are right and Folkstone AC should certainly be invited for assistance since it is on thier home ground and I feel it would be an insult if they wern't contacted. If any one from Folkstone sees this please contact me to discuss this idea.

    I will have a word with a friend at BLackheath Harriers for some ideas as he was one of the organisors at this years marathon, perhaps we could get Mark Steinle to take part, (or maybe even Paula) anyone know how we can get hold of her? (well she is one hell of a runner) other than to wait at a finishing line.

    Addidas says 26.2 is the number runners are measured by, how could we descibe this event?
  • Chimp I think that is one of the things I remember most about of the marathon this year (being my first at London) and yes it would be great to chant as we enter the tunnel.

    A warning though NO LEEKS are to be carried as I believe there are strict controls on the carrying of foodstuffs onto the continent from the UK!

  • I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that there was a race through the tunnel soon after it was finished - but before it was operating commercially.
  • I have now contacted Customer Relation who thought it was a good idea but Public Relations said it simply was not a possibality due to safety issues and not disrupting services (The is more frieght run over night and you may recall the fire a couple of years back on a frieght train).

    Apparently the army have already requested a run, and there have been requests for walks, horses, refugees etc.

    A request was made internally to stage a walk to celebrate the tenth anniversary along the lines of the one that initially took place on the opening of the tunnel.

    It would appear that the only hope is to learn a new language and move to Sansgate, but I would not recomend this. The other alternative is to keep trying.

    Any one any ideas of an alternative that hasn't been done?
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