Rowing Schedules

My brother can't run much because of dodgy joints, but he loves to row on the family's new Concept II rowing machine. Does anyone know where he can find out about schedules for rowing, similar to the ones in RW for 10k, halves and marathons etc? He's about to become the proud owner of a basic HRM, but I imagine he'd have a heart attack if he tried to use running schedules.


  • If you go on to the Concept II web site they have training schedules. I am working with someone at the moment who uses a rowing machine for nearly all of his training, he's not a runner, but likes to keep himself fit. Hopefully he is going to do a training session at the gym next week with me as I thought it would be a good cardio workout and also give the knees a break.
  • Thanks - I've had a look and it seems useful. If anyone knows of any specific HRM schedules, I'd be interested.
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