Had a horrible wet run on Sunday and now don't want to be in the same room as my trainers - don't think I should put them in the washing machine so what are my options?


  • Just wear them but change your name to tinkletoes!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I had the same problem after the Glasgow half, and after wahing the outsides in the shower, stuffing them with newspaper and leaving them outside for 2 days, eventually gave up and put them through a delicates wash. Unfortunately, although they now smell lovely (well, relatively) I think I've knackered the cushioning.

    Febreeze, air freshner spray, bicarbonate of soda solution - give them all a try. Or put them in the shed.
  • My goalie kit stinks - its foam - and I wash it in the wash machine every now and then but I have just discovered febreeze - so now my kit smells sweet not sweat!
  • Twinkletoes - your picture is truely horrible! Is that your foot?????!
  • Thanks guys - especially the shed comment!!Maybe I should just give up and buy a new pair but if I did that every time they got wet I'd be brassick. I had heard that washing machines tend to break down the cushioning but hand washing must take ages for them to dry. Maybe the manufacturers can bear this in mind.
    WW - that was indeed my big toe a few months ago, got through London Marathon with it & 'm very proud of it hence deciding it more deserving for my profile than my ugly mug!! (Possibly a little more attractive as well!)
  • my hubby's gym trainers smell of wee too, someone told him it's cos reeboks are made from kangaroo, (!) do we have a common make thread running here?
  • Twinkletoes - your picture is gross - not what I want to look at when drinking my mronign cup of green tea.....ugh.....
  • I buy the special shoe deoderant spray for my trainers and use it after every run.
  • I have a pair of Asics and machine wash them when necessary with no ill effects.
  • This seems to be turning into a bit of a girlie thread so I thought I would give a male opinion...
    You have to be careful about putting trainers in the washing machine not because it may damage the cushioning or shrink them but the Mrs might slip a pair of red undies into the wash and turn your nice clean trainers PINK!
    Very nice for running in....OOH CHASE ME
  • BBB - surely that can only improve your training with all those sprint sessions to avoid any 'confrontations'!

  • Interestingly enough, my wee smells of trainers.
  • Andy - I think you need to be referred to the Nutrition forum!
  • Back to the practicalities of cleaning trainers ... I don't know about the smell, but here's a solution to grubby looking trainers (courtesy of 18yr old son)....

    1. attend a foam party at your local night club
    2. go for a run through long wet grass
    3. ignore strange looks/comments from passers-by wondering why you are foaming at the feet instead of the mouth

    End result is far superior to the washing machine!
  • Before I twigged that it was my trainers whiffing somewhat I had been blaming the local "Tom" from over the road.
  • Why don't my trainers smell of wee - don't I run far enough? I do go out in the rain, honest.
  • yes but do you splash them when you wee?
  • Re drying trainers, I find that stuffing them with old newspaper works a treat and dries them out from sopping wet to nice n' dry in a day or two. I have 2 pairs of trainers so I can use the backups while the others are drying.

    I'm not saying this stops them smelling, but it drys them out fast. I'll be looking for fabreeze next time I go shopping.
  • i'm going to print out this thread and let my mum read it, because she always blames our cat for my trainers smelling of pee.
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