I am looking at buying a Trek triathlon bike from ebay.
The guy is not a bike dealer, but has all frame sizes available (evidently).
He wants to be paid by western union money transfer, and then will ship it to me (from the netherlands).
The question I have is, is it safe? It has occured to me that this guy could be some geezer just trying to pay him £1000, and then he will just dissappear. He has no 'history' on ebay, and has only been a member since a week ago.

Any thoughts?

Anyone know of courier that can do cash on delivery?

Anyone know of companys/importers who can sell bikes really cheaply (like I mean less than half the UK list price - which is what this bike is)


  • You looked at some of the US shops ?? Not sure how much delivery/taxes distorts the prices but the still seem exceedingly cheap...esp for american brands - treks,cannondales,cervelos, kestrels etc.
  • don't trust it - too many e-bay scamsters use the western union trick

    2 other reasons

    one - he's only been on there a week you say. probably cos he's been kicked off before and it's so easy to set up another ebay account

    two - not a bike dealer so how did he gat all those frames

    usual terms apply - if it looks too good to believe, it's probably a scam

    some info on various ebay scams at - read the one about the Moog

  • Too much money to risk. I wouldn't do it.
  • Thanks.

    I was feeling a bit nervous, and was kind of hoping someone would say "It will be fine, I've done it before use this guy ...... he's legit", but pleased that I read that stuff about ebay scams.

    I have told the guy that I am happy to go forward with the deal if he can send me the bike via UPS cash on delivery, or arrange to meet me at the air port, and I will just fly out there and pay him cash.

    I guess that if he really wants to sell the bikes, he wont mind doing this.
  • nemo

    take a looks at this link - may help

    and be wary
  • That's pretty scary reading.

    I've used ebay quite a lot, but wouldn't buy anything expensive!
  • Dont buy....

    Thanks Buddha for the link, I have sent it to my friends that use e bay.
  • I'd only buy from someone that has a good track record I think.

    I think FB says it best when he says - if it looks too good to be true - then it is.
  • Just type western union scam into google and you'll thank your lucky stars you've still got your dosh
  • Hope that this isn't too late;


    NEVER, EVER pay for anything from an auction site using Western Union, especially Ebay.

    From an Ebay regular user.
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