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My resting HR is 80bpm on a v good day ! anything sends it sky high-just laughing takes it up to 110! I wore a pulse monitor the other day and had to take it off by luchtime for fear of having a heart attack ! I train 3x week 30 mins, and do 1 x 10k per week.
Could there be something amiss or can it still be quite normal to have such a high resting HR-Do I need to train harder? Is it just me ?


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    Without knowing your age, weight, fitness level, etc., it's difficult to say, but it does seem a bit high. Probably best to run it past your doctor just in case.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply ..I'm 34 been running on and off for a few years, but more seriously for about 10 months ie 4 x per week, also taking part in Studio Cycling 2 x week, and 1 x aerobics I weight train 1 x week and I weigh 9st.

    The doc just shrugs and says at least you're exercising!!!?
    If anyone knows somebody who is studying sports science and wants me as a G Pig let me know.
  • Sounds like a high pulse rate to me. The exercising should bring it down, not up! I'd get a second opinion.
  • Hey Pars! When and how did you take your resting HR? If you've eaten before taking it, it will go up. If you are sitting up it will be higher. If you are lying down and breathing really slowly (just woken up naturally, not scared out of your brain by an alarm) then it was probably about right.
    I usually reckon that sitting on the settee with eyes closed, breathing slowly will take me down to about 15 beats above resting rate.
    So, when and how did you take your resting rate?
  • Completely un-informed, but you ought to look at what sort of heart rate you can achieve when exersising, and look at how fast it drops when you stop.

    It's not clear if you've got a hrm, but you can probably find kit in the gym with built in monitors if you haven't. That way you can monitor if theres any long term change - and don't worry unless it gets worse! Try monitoring HR for a set speed/distance over time.

    Just started playing with my brand new HRM, and I can go from resting of 60 to over 100 by just standing up and walking about - You might be on the high side, but it might not be too much to worry about.
  • Thank you I feel much better now, I will do some proper testing ie in the morning/lying on setee etc.
  • Resting heart rate depends on various factors.Whether or not you are sat or lying down,preparing to exercise or just relax.I prefer to monitor my heart rate by checking how quickly it falls back after a strenuous workout.
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