Competition Prizes

Having been in Germany for a week I was rather surprised when the missu informed me that we had won a prize , two "free" memberships at the local gym.
Of course theres no such thing as a free ride and it turns out that there is a £2.75 a week "service charge" for the privelidge but we went ahead and joined anyway . I was thinking of joining as it was so I've saved some cash!
But , did anyone else get anything like this in the post , is it like the "Readers Digest" comp I win every month ?


  • I haven't won any thing in years you lucky man, you.
    Did you ever sort that neighbour out?
  • Grrr b***dy nieghbour , he actually got " a good kicking" whilst out on the town.
    What goes round comes round eh ( mind you cost me a fortune in bribes ;) )
    Thanks for asking, however knowing that his presence is still hanging around kind of put me off running for a bit , dont really want to run around a dark corner etc .SO the gym thing could be what I need .

    That and the back wax from £10 a shot !
  • £10? Outrageous, Jon and I'll do it for £6.50.
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