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I've got back into swimming recently, its something I did for years before university up to a national level for water polo so working out my own training sessions for swimming is no problem.

But as I am in California where the weather is lovely all the time I figure it would be a good chance to solidly grounded in running. What I mean by that is to build up to being able to run distance and be able to walk the next day. I get sore splints quite easily and was wondering if anyone had any advice for adding running to my training schdule?

Currently I am swimming Mon, Wed & Fri for about 45mins in the evening. How much space should I leave between running and swimming? A full day or less? I tend to be out rock climbing at the weekends so I'd mostly be looking to train during the week and maybe once at the weekend...

My ideal goal would to be able to run to work instead of walking. Any advice would be most apreciated.



  • If you get shinsplints, then try to run off road where you can and try to get some running shoes fitted (go to a specialist shop with gait analysis... sorry i have no recommendations in the Cali area)

    The best advice for running is to build up slowly

    no problem running and swimming the same day.... i train twice most days with some combination of running, cycling, swimming and a bit of gym work
  • Running directly after swimming can work well - I find the swim means you don't need to struggle to warm up to the run. But I would agree with Andy - make sure you have decent shoes first off and sort out the shin splints thing before trying too much else.
  • daniel b, i also play waterpolo (only womens nat league) if you still do that at all it's not too compatible with running if you get any knee problems becuase of eggbeater (I had to lay off the polo during mara build up because of tendon strain). I swim or polo 5 x week, but don't need to leave any space between a swim day and a run day, diff sets of muscles (am lazy swimmer, work off my arms more than legs). Obviously there is general tiredness to combat, and on the days after a long run(2+ hours) tumble turns could give a cramp twinge as i push off, however for the most part I find swimming allows a training day where I would otherwise need a recovery day - ie if you run on a sunday (and if you are still building a running base) you'll probably feel sore on the monday and don't want to run or gym, however I feel swimming actually helps muscle recovery, and means you don't need to take too many rest days.
    Avoid tough kick sets the day after though until your legs get used to the running a bit more.

    As long as i take 1 rest day a week all is fine generally. You'll probably find with running your aerobic fitness is great and for now it's your leg fitness which restricts you. Don't push too much too soon though.

    If i were you I'd run tuesdays and saturdays to start with (dunno how far you currently run or for how long). As you get fitter for running you can add another run a week, I do run and swim on same day sometimes with no real problem (although not much at the mo due to time restrictions). This way you can keep 1 or 2 rest days a week. It also allows you to lengthen the saturday run when you feel ready.
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