nearly paralysed? Pah!

Some of you may remember my telling you about my friend Viv, who broke her neck last year in a fall in her kitchen, of all places.

The local rag just caught up with her...


hope the url's not too long for a link...


  • wow!
  • Wow, blimey and I'll raise you a cripes!
  • I do remember her ! Didn't she come off her turbo or something in the kitchen ?

    Inspiring stuff. I WILL do my long run tomorrow !

    Good to see hshe's doing well Jj !
  • She was actually cooking, and in her dressing gown!

    We were in a quiz night team together the other night - we were abysmal. :o/
  • Oh. Cooking. Turbo.

    I get the 2 confused, which might explain why my valentine meal was a tad late on Saturday ! ;-)
  • flipping blink - good story - they always say the kitchen has the highest incidence of A&E victims

    but also - Jason Leonard, world's most capped rugby player and rather large chap broke his neck just as his senior career was taking off. so you can come back quite well from neck breaks. (quite well - a tad of an understatement reading back)
  • Glad she's recovered and getting back to doing what she obviously loves and has a talent for!
  • That's right fb - Jason hasn't done too badly has he?
  • thats top news - really pleased for her.

    paula craig, a triathlete from our club wasn't so lucky in 2001 when she was hit by a car while she was out cycling but she's gone on to compete at top levels in a wheelchair. looks like nothing can stop a triathlete

    paula craig
  • ooooooo!

    Viv's on local radio now!!

    Funny hearing a Geordie accent on Beds Herts and Bucks radio!!!

    (she's doing really well!)
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