head wear

anyone know of a really good waterproof baseball cap??


  • I find normal caps keep your head quite dry.
  • I was hoping to keep torrential rain out of my face, thought It'd make me feel better, but once the water starts to run down your face from INSIDE the hat, that's worse.... but Ok, so I am a big wuss... I'll just crawl, chastened, back under my brick... bye bye,.... soggy.... wimpy slug... :-(
  • Ah! good idea!
  • What if your head is too big for a baseball cap
    Im not joking, they always fall off
  • I've got a baseball cap that I treat with nikwax waterproofing. It works reasonably well.
  • Why not wear a shower cap under your baseball cap....we'll its just a suggestion, afterall it will probablly be dark out there!
  • If it's too waterproof - the water flowing from below will be sweat !
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