Marco Pantani


I am sure some of the tri's remember "the pirate". Was great to watch him attacking in the French Alpes.


  • Just found out, totally shocked
  • Wow - I'm devastated.
    The drugs issue is dragged up again immediately of course even though his death could be totally unrelated.
  • In the back of cycling recently was a list of cyclists who "died young". Most of these seemed to be from heart attacks. It's about time these were investigated properly (and footballers and any other sports persons deaths from heart atttacks).
  • sad news indeed
  • agreed re the investigation

    eg its known that long races can cause death of heart tissue, but is this 'natural' or is it drug related?
  • Very sad weekend for cycling. Another very young rider died of heart failure. Before it was Jimenez and Claveyrolat. It was suicide, possibly result of depression.
  • Very sad!
  • At the Tri exhibition yesterday they had a brand new Bianchi EV4 with a sticker saying "Yours for £3000" or something. Next to it was the Bianchi that Pantani rode across the finish line in Paris the year he won with a sticker saying "Priceless". It'll be even more priceless today.

    Very, very sad.
  • I was admiring the bike yesterday and telling the girlfriend what a great cyclist "the pirate" was, and today he was dead.
    Yet another young talented cyclist dies.
    I also read the article naming some top cyclists dieing very young by heart attacks.
    Is it drug related ?
  • In some cases the deaths may be drug related but it's not just cycling. What about Foe (sorry probably spelt wrong) and the other footballer who died recently.

    Do these top cyclist's,footballers, etc get screened for cardiomyopathy as a matter of course?
  • I have done a lot of cycling as a teenage. In order to participate in road racing you have to do a ECG test at your doctor otherwise you don't get a license. Later I trained with a few amateurs/professionals and they were tested all the time (blood, heart, etc.).

    In addition to Foe, a hungarian footballer Feher died too. More and more cases, unfortunately.
  • a very sad day for cycling,i am just so very sad and shocked.
  • I had a road race licence and certainly never had any tests done - maybe its different for girls!
  • Can't say much about UK, did that in Germany. The BDR (Cycling Association) requires those checkups, possibly aligned with health regulations set by the UCI (International Cycling Union).
  • Just read the sad news on BBC website. I remember his duels with Armstrong up Ventoux etc. Sadly another talent lost from the peleton.

    He died because he had sudden death syndrome like that child in the papers recently.
  • No medical tests are needed for Cyle racing licences in the UK URR.

    A few of the sudden deaths in cyclists seem to be the same as M V Foe, but the latest reports say there were packs of painkillers by his side. Accidental overdose maybe ?
  • Peter Pan

    I don't think there has been any suggestion here that Foe took drugs. I have merely been commenting on the amount of atheletes dying recently of heart failure.
    Sudden death syndrome does not seem to be taken seriously in this country.
    I will shut up now but would close with saying that I shed a tear when I heard about Pantani and he will be missed whatever the outcome of any autopsy
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