running shops-Ipswich

trying to help my brother-in-laws's girlfriend find a good shop in or around Ipswich, does anyone know of any???????


  • In town I recommend Mick Mcneills sports shop in Upper Brook street (opposite Sainsbury's), and out of town Sweatshop which is in Next Generation Health Club on the Ransome's I.E. Both seem to know what they're talking about, and are interested in fitting you in a shoe, rather that fitting you up! I found the well known sport shops had never heard of pronation!
    If your friend fancies a running partner, get her to contact me, as I need motivation!!
  • robbie. many thanx for the info, and yes she is looking for a running partner, she has only been running about 3 months and I do not know her level, shew is my brother in law's g/friend, and i think she lives somewhere near christchurch park. will mail her and see what she says
  • Legless: If she is interested, I am about half mile from Christchurch Park. Have been running about 2 years - on and off - realistically more off than on! 5K is most comfortable so far - did 10k in summer and nearly died! Approx 9.30 min/mile. Need motivation to get out of the house in this cold weather! My husband isn't the moving type, so absolutely no help there!
  • robby will mail her and let her know
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