Stupid question of the day

I would like to do a Triathlon but I have never been able to swim very well except straight to the bottom. I do however really enjoy the running and the cycling bit. Are there any such events held in this country for us land lovers.


  • If you don't swimming try a duathlon or a row, bike run triathlon. There are to many events to list but where abouts are you in the country ?
  • Or you cud go for swimming lessons
  • do some duathlons... which is how i started.. joined a club and naturally progressed to swimming.. badly at first.... now improving.

    much fun to be had.
  • That's just what I'm hoping to do, try a dualthlon first (got the New Forest one at end of March bookmarked) and maybe a swim tri (a long way) after - but my swimming is useless i'd need a few lessons! I have enough trouble fitting in running and swimming, and weights, at the moment though.
  • I saw some rather Dazzling performances in a dry tri at the weekend! heh.

    rowing machine, turbo, and treadie!

    I rather like the thought of not getting wet or falling off a bike.
  • where's the best place to find this years Duathlons?
  • Not a swimming question but a Stupid Question that I'd quite like answered. My bike only has 14 gears. What happens in a traithlon if I die a death going up a steep hill.

    Can I get off and push/run with the bike to the top of the hill or if this not allowed?

    Getting nervous for my first Tri.

  • Ah! Well! On a Blandford Tri about 10 years ago there was a monster hill up to the top of Okeford Beacon, and I remember coming around the bend and seeing the hill with a convoy of cyclists pushing their bikes up the hill.

    I think you are allowed to push your bike if necessary.
  • Yeah - I saw a few pushing at the Hillraiser duathlon last year as well
  • Yep - if you can't make it you can push.
    Here in central south Germany there's a famously tough tri in Viernheim with a 15% uphill gradient that appears just as you round a bend! If you don't realise it's coming up, and haven't shifted down in time - you can't make it up there!
  • Thanks for the answers. My first triathlon has a really severe hill and I failed to make it to the top in a training run so I may well be pushing come race day this Sunday.

    Cheers again

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