Turbos and damage to bikes.

I read some where here that tubos can damage a bike frame/wheel. Is this true ? as I asked a lot of experts at the tri show who use turbo trainers and they all say the same thing, no.
Turbos do not damage bikes frames, wheels, axles, drive trains etc etc. They do however wear out tyres, and the bodies sweat will corode the bike frame, componants if it's not washed off with a damp cloth.
Thought the guy with a Litespeed Blade with the Zipp disc wheel was mad using it on a turbo.


  • Yes, I belive there is a posibilty if you leave it clamped n without releasing the tention on the wheel when done also thosed with a curved support( like a Trax SWing) put less stress on a frame than a traditional A drame desin
  • Your wheel will be fine. Let's face it - they get walloped out on the road, so that's not a problem.

    Maybe the tension thing could be a problem, but I've not heard of it happening to anyone. I try not to leave the tyre pressed up on the roller though, as that can't be good for it.

    As you say - sweat is the greatest problem. wipe and clean it down after every session.
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