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As part of my job I am required to keep a level of fitness but find this hard. I already do some form of training 3 times a week whether it be circuits, run or something equally as pleasurable. I need to run however the other 2 leaving the weekend to recover. What would you recommend I like the sound of the run walk programme.


  • Somewhere on this RW site there is a beginners running programme which details the run/walk schedule. Give it a try - it works!
  • I'd suggest maybe cycling? Depends what sort of fitness you're looking for, and what sort of improvement you're trying to achive.

    You want to avoid pushing too hard, so maybe a lower intensity exersise for longer is worth considering. Run/walk works well because you can adjust the intensity - but you say you're already running?
  • My problem is running I get into a slow plod then find it very dificult to alter speed.
  • Try loud music!

    It might be worth trying to add some very short sprints into your run - Pick a point where you're going to stop and walk for a bit, and try and sprint up to it - and then walk for a bit till you've recovered! (then find it's going so well you don't need to stop!)

    Then again, it might be that you're trying too hard too soon. If it's getting too hard to run, just walk for a bit. Run 10 min/walk 5 min/run 5/ walk 10 worked quite well for me...

    (I don't know you from about 4 years ago do I?)
  • Dont remember your name, where would you know me from?
  • Caving - bit of a long shot based on a single forum post!
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