Mud sweat n' gears

Ay up chucks... Now I have entered London tri - sprint distance - and bought two shiny new bikes (yes two, couldn't make up my mind between a racer or a mtb) does anyone have any tips on how much I need to train on the bike?
I am training for marathon and cycling to/from work (about 7 m a day) but I'm not sure this is gonna be enuff? Especially since I need to fit the swimming in too...


  • This months 220mag recomends for sprint

    2-3 rides/week
    long ride of 1.5hrs
    try and fit in a brick session of 45min.25min ride/run

  • for schedules

    and get the triathlete's training bible by joe friel from amazon (or anywhere that sells it)
  • I'd try to get a longer run in at the weekend, but also try running into work say one day a week.
  • <Pops head through door to see whats going on>

    Cant offer you to much advice on the training for a sprint and am a bit of a newbie but wish you lots of luck. Having said that I guess you should train about 6-8 times a week 2 swim, 3 bike, 2 run, 1 gym/aerobics/other cross training.

    If your cycling to work every day (7 miles, as Cougie said you could tri running once a week) thats a good base of training. On top of that maybe add a couple of swims and a long bike and long run (maybe up to 60mins run and 90mins bike?). Also occasional bricks as WildWill says.

    PS. Can I ask a question, im thinking of doing London Tri (Olympic) - did I hear somewhere that its a ballot entry? and if so when do the entries close?
  • Thanks for tips everyone :-)
    Trouble at the moment is I have to do five runs a week inc a long one at the weekend (rising to 3hrs 30 - cripes!!!!!) to get ready for marathons in April and June. I must be mad.
    But I should still have time to do a couple of swims, cycle to/from work four days and do a longer bike ride at the weekend!
    I think the brick sessions should be interesting though! I cycled to the start of my run the other week and legs felt, er, interesting during the run.

    Carl - there is a ballot for the London tri you can enter it at
    Good luck!!
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