Running shops in Leicester

The Greater Leicester area has a population of around 1/2 million people. It's the biggest city in the region and yet the nearest specialist running shop is in Loughborough, some 13 miles away (good though it is).

So please will Sweatshop, Up & Running or one of the other chains open up in our fair city and tap into this unfulfilled market!


  • Yes but Running FOx is a great shop so you'd still end up driving out to Loughborough.
  • I agree with filbert - Leicester city does need a speacialist running shop.

    I have thought about opening one but don't have that much experience regarding running.
  • Popsider, your probably right, but there is one heck of an untapped market out there for some enterprising individual.
  • I've thought about it too to be honest
  • Have you thought of asking Running Fox if they would be interested in opening a city branch?
  • Yes I had thought of it
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