Victory 5

Hoping to be fit after injury and am contemplating entering the Victory 5 in Portsmouth. Has anyone done this and if so what's it like. Some of these race tend to be VERY fast with a small field and I don't really want to feel that I've got to pull out all the stops and end up injured again.


  • I did this one last year. I wasn't last, did it in about 52mins as far as I can remember. I am usually in the last few anyway, used to it now!!

    Quite a nice flat course, 2 laps so the faster ones usually whizz by but saying that the field was quite big and of mixed abilities.
  • I too was wondering about this - it would be my first ever race and is fairly local, but I was very put off by the 'blisteringly fast' tag! I have managed to run 10K on the treadmill a couple of times in 65 minutes, and am regularly running for an hour outside - should I go for it?
  • Hi i run around this course every week i am a member of portsmouth joggers club the mountbatten centre is our meeting place i think you should run it it is afast course but across the road is Alexanda Sports A very good shop for running shoes and just about 2 miles along the road is portsmouth shopping centre and the new gunwarf Quay shopping centre you can make a day of it and do some xmas shopping hope this helps you pete
  • If I wasn't already doing a race that day, I'd be very tempted by this one. Never mind maybe next year.

    I've got so many races building up as a maybe for next year. I bet I still won't get to do them.

    Best of luck all, enjoy your run!
  • I'm planning to do this one as I'm relatively local too. Diana - you should definitely do it as your local and it will be a lot more fun than the treadmill! There there will be plenty of runners going at the same pace as you or slower. Me for one!
  • be careful if you try and enter this online - there is a £1.50 booking fee which i think is ridiulous
  • I went to Pompey Poly and lived in North End for a year just down from the Mountbatten Centre. Often used to run here and it is a good course. Don't be put off by fast. There will be runners of all abilities. The fast means that everybody may be looking for a PB but whether that is 25 minutes or 50 minutes or more doesn't matter. Good luck
  • I've run this a couple of times now and managed a PB each time ( 5 miles in 41 mins so not fast at all). The course is very flat and I hate two-lappers as my morale sinks at the thought of going all the way round again. Watch out for the wind along the sea/river bank - it's a killer. Lots of runners and a great atmosphere - and a chance to run on the running track at the end - made me feel like I was at the Olympics.
  • Anybody know what the route is?

    I used to have a school cross country route which went past the Mountbatten centre, but it would not have been suitable for 1000 runners!
  • I've just entered online. I agree that the £1.50 supplement is ridiculous but it's still a relatively cheap race given the prestige and expected size of field.

    Good luck to all!
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