2nd metatarsal stress fracture

I've actually got a question for anyone who's had a second metatarsal stress fracture. I had an x ray taken last week and it has been confirmed that I have a stress fracture. I got my boot cam on yesterday and I've been told by my physio that for the first two weeks of wearing my boot I am not allowed to do any exercise what so ever. I obviously expected that I would not be able to run or do any weight bearing exercise but I thought swimming or pilates at least would be ok. It's only been the second day of not exercising and I'm already wondering how I'm going to sit tight for two weeks. For those who've had this injury before was this the same story for you or where you advised that you could do non weight bearing exercise? 


  • Yes. When the boot comes of you wont be able to do any running for at least 6 weeks or so and even then it will have to be on grass or softer surface.

    Take a rest and avoid further setback. 

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    When I fractured my 5th metatarsal, was told 2-3 non weight bearing as this is when the bone starts to knit together and is 'sticky' after that weight bearing (with crutches for me) as this stresses the bone and stimulates bone growth.

  • Hi, I can't figure out how to post a new thread so I'm commenting on this one.

    Fractured my 2nd metatarsal (stress fracture) in early March. It was a full fracture, not just hairline. I was in a boot for 6 weeks, then told to gradually come out of the boot and into trainers. However since then I've been in a cycle of it seeming to get slightly better, then worse again... I did a flight for work and that seemed to really upset it.

    Right now I'm just resting with my foot elevated as much as possible as it's still prone to getting swollen, and after ditching the boot I'm wearing it again, and using crutches. I have an x ray in a couple of weeks.

    To be honest I'm struggling with feeling I'm never going to run again (at the moment, even walking would be wonderful). When it was getting slightly better I did use the elliptical trainer, but now it's got worse I'm doing nothing at all.

    I would love any tips / success stories as it's really tough :(
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