new marathon runner

have u got absolutely no chance if u apply to london as someone who has never applied b4 and is not a club runner ?
Basically im looking forward to a fleece arent i ?


  • I wouldn't say absolutely no chance but pretty slim. If you can raise the cash there are always guaranteed charity places. I got in the second year of trying.
  • Aha!!! Bren! Doing Brighton 10k???

  • You're chances are pretty much the same as everyone else I should think. I was in the same situation as you last year and managed to get a place along with 3 of my friends, so it is pretty much a cross your fingers and wait...
  • Hi Jon

    Not Brighton - on for Blenheim this weekend. I think the next after that will be the Bedford Half in December. Fancy breaking that PB?
  • You have three chances of getting in:
    in the ballot
    through a charity
    through your Club (if you are a membmer of one)
  • Ditto to what Dangly Spice said above - wait and see if you get through in the ballot, if not try and apply for a charity place.

    My guide to entering the London Marathon.
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