Sad stories

Thought I'd start a group for those having to bail out of the sub 3:00., 3:30.,4:00, etc., due to injury.

Heres the place to moan and groan...


  • Heres mine

    Doctor said I gotta tight ITB
    You'll never do 26 on that knee
    What you need is complete rest my son
    Defer, 'til next years London marathon
  • Unlucky mate, any chance for a autumn mara?

    Lets hope this list dosen't get too long eh!
  • How do you go about deferring, and what kind of reasons do they accept? I've had couple of bad sinus things recently, both of which have knocked my training out by at least a week. I can't see being able to run until the weekend, and I'm well behind on my training...
  • You don't have to give a reason, just post the acceptance form back.

    I'm deferring because I tore a tendon in my foot at the end of last year and I'm only really getting back into running again. I didn't want to put the pressure on myself to get up to 26 miles by April.

    Roll on next year!!
  • oh yeash, and next year is the 35th FLM so it'll be better than this years, honest! :-)
  • I'll see how the sinuses hold out - give it a couple more weeks and see how I go. Worried though that somewhere on the FLM site it says if you can't run 15 miles comfortably 1 month pre-race, you shouldn't do it. I did 9.5 last weekend and I *ached* afterwards!

    clock says 60 days to go and counting. Maybe I'll be ok....
  • I wanted to run gay Pareeeee,
    the doc says I've hurt my achilleeeees,
    I tried rest and ice,
    one week now times thrice,
    I guess it's FLM on the telly!
  • So the scanning sucks, but ya get the gist!
  • dom dom dum dum dom. Is this garage?
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