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Hi all, 

As a London marathon newbie, I wondered if anyone had any tips regarding decent accommodation for the night before the London marathon?  Originally I'd booked an apartment nice & close to Greenwich/Blackheath, but I've just found out the landlord has now cancelled [aaah! image

Unsurprisingly all reasonably-priced accom is fully booked up in this area now, so just wondering what others tend to do?  I'm travelling from Cambridge, which doesn't sound that far, but I know how travelling in London can easily become stressful, and I really want to avoid a painfully early and energy-sapping commute by multiple trains on the morning of the race, if I can avoid it!

I know there are road closures etc on the day, so I guess it would be helpful if anyone knew tube stations with reliable connections to Greenwich/Blackheath on the morning of the race? 

Any advice gratefully received!! 



  • I like to stay in the centre so you're handy for the finish.

    Trains leave from Charing Cross every few minutes on race day and there's 1000s of us on them. It's so simple.
  • I stay near Tower Bridge, you can get DLR or walk over Tower Bridge to London Bridge station for trains to the start, your supporters can grab a good spot to watch early  while you go to the start. Or you could stay out to the East, Dartford is good, cheap hotels and easy train journey to the start.

    Be prepared for an early start whatever you do though, you'll need to be up around 6 am  to get to the start nice and early and soak it all up.

  • Check out Premier Inn Croydon, cheaper than London and about 30 minutes train travel from start and finish, or Travelodge Crystal Palace/Penge about 30 minutes train travel to start and about 45 minutes back, any more info let me know

  • Cougie - that's good to know (wasn't aware trains were that regular on the day)

    Mr Puffy - yes London Bridge sounds like a decent vantage point & Dartford/East would be good value I agree. 

    Dave W - ok thanks, I will give these hotels a look too.

    Thanks all for the replies - I'm sure I will find something eventually! image 




  • First time competing in the London Marathon this year, super excited.

    I've been that focused with Training recently I've kind of forgot one thing...accommodation!

    The Wife's Grandad lives in South Croydon and he has kindly offered to put us up for a couple of nights.

    I was wondering though, is it a little far out from the start/finish?

    If not, how would I get to the start/finish etc?

    I've asked the question on Twitter and not many people have got back to me so thought I'd give this forum a try.

    Thanks in advance.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    We have friends in South Croydon and often get the train from near them to London Bridge. I think the Marathon trains leave from London Bridge.
  • London Bridge station is a bit of a 'mare due to the various construction works, but public transport is easily the best bet to get you to the start (you'll have to start early though). 

  • Thanks very much Millsy & FerrousFerret.

    I think I'll go with stopping in South Croydon and getting the Train across.

    Do we know when travel information is usually posted?

  • I come to London for the weekend on the train, arriving into Euston. I always stay in a  hotel in Bloomsbury which is between the finish line and Euston, and on the Sunday the journey to the start via tube / DLR is easy, and as Cougie says, all trains that morning are awash with runners (we're all heading the same way, and anyone else is enjoying a Sunday morning lie-in). The tube network is quick and easy, so anywhere near a tube station will be fine (public transport is also free on marathon day, and is a full service). You could even get the riverboat. London's public transport system makes getting to and from the marathon simple.

    I would rather be close to the finish than the start - after the race, I normally feel shattered, and am always glad that my hotel is nearby. Tube to hotel, collect left luggage and then short walk to Euston for journey home (via the off-licence!)

  • Chris, you can get a direct train from South Croydon to London Bridge, then to start, (check out times on "train line" you can then get a train from Victoria (again check train line), 20 min walk from finish, to South Croydon, hope this helps and very best of luck with LM

  • I'm a bit late in booking hotels too !! Some good advice here though. I knew I could count on fellow runners to provide sensible advice.............Cheers all

  • Quick question for those with better knowledge than me. Would a hotel near Watford Junction station be any good?

  • It can be done but at best it's an hour and half journey to Greenwich, leaving at 06.50, that means you would be cream cracker end before you start, then you have a horrendous journey home afterwards, my advice,try to get somewhere nearer, good luck 

  • Thanks for that DW4. Got a place at Black firiars...any good

  • Or Blackfriars? It's a 20 min walk or so to Charing Cross from there. There might be better stations but that's the one I use.
  • Thanks for the advice DW!

    Hopefully...fingers crossed the journey from South Croydon is OK, knowing my luck I'll have engineering works on that weekend.

    We was going to travel back up to sunny Yorkshire on the Sunday but the Wife has now booked Monday off so I might surprise her with a stay in the centre of London.

    Anybody have any recommendations for nice Hotels/Locations to stay?

    Many Thanks again everyone!


  • I hear that the"Shangri La" near London Bridge is very good ???? apparently it really impresses' women, and after a gruelling marathon should set you back up, all the best
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Or a Travelodge. We can't all be on Dave's budget.
  • I only said I'd heard it was good,trust me, I don't think they would let me through the front door 

  • I got a room at the Holiday Inn in Croydon for £63. I paid £180 for one night, last year, near The O2 and figure the train/travel distance will be about the same with about £120 saving! 

    Looks like I'll have plenty of people to follow on the day to get to Blackheath image

  • Ok , Stef, holiday inn is about 20 minutes walk from east Croydon station, make sure you have your " google " map to hand as the entrance is a little tricky to find if your u don't know the area , shame y didn't book travelogue, only 5 minutes from station and £43 for the Saturday, if you have any questions about the area/travel po and I will help as this is my home ground, good luck for the 24th

  • Excellent advice - thanks Dave. 

    I am able to cancel my booking at Holiday Inn without a charge - so will look to see if Travelodge is still available.

    Thank you image

  • Morning Dave & Stef

    Are you both stopping in Croydon?

    Most of my Friends & Family are stopping in the Premier Inn just across from Travelodge.

    £49 for the Saturday just in case Travelodge is sold out.

    Maybe we could meet up on the Sunday and travel in together perhaps?!

  • Sorry Chris I don't actually live in Croydon,I'll be travelling from Clock House to Lewisham. If either of you need any more help or information just post and I will do my best to help. Have a great time,is this your first London?
  • Hi Chris,

    I haven't thought too much about my plans for that morning just yet, but am happy to meet up if there is the offer.

    I'll be with a couple of other runners too.


  • Can you believe it's 2 weeks till the marathon and I haven't booked a hotel yet ...... there is availability but my knowledge of London is rubbish. I would like to be near the start as I know i'll leave too early otherwise! Any suggestions?

  • Best to be near the end. So stay city centre and follow the crowds to Charing Cross.
  • Thanks cougie, how far from Charing Cross to Blackheath start?  Think I've been in denial about it all (training aside!)

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