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I'm running the Dublin Marathon in October, and have been told by my insurance company (who I won't name) that they will not cover anyone for running a marathon, because people have been known to die doing it (even though they cover most extreme winter sports).

I'm sorry but it doesn't make sense. I'm sure more people whave died snowboarding etc. than have died running marathons abroad.

Anyone got any suggestions of insurance companies who offer cover?




  • Jason,

    That is simply pathetic. They'll cover someone hurtling down a mountain on a piece of wood, but not running!? People die doing all sorts of things - is that not part of the purpose of insurance for Christ's sake!?

    I can't suggest any companies who might be able to help I'm afraid, but I'd be interested to know who the company is that declined you insurance when I see you next.

    BTW, have you got your accommodation and travel to Dublin sorted yet? Also, I had an email from Amazon yesterday saying that after about 3 months of searching they can't obtain a copy of 26.2!!!
  • Try contactin Sports Tours International
    click here they may be able to help with advice. This could be a good topic for a RW article? How about it RW?
  • boots insurance states it will not cover sport pro or semi pro, (except on foot) I assume this means that they will allow marathons... My mother uses their year round policy and we have always thought it good value. have all look at
  • Thanks Guys

    DW, I've got my Dublin accomadation and travel sorted. Funnily enough I did it through Sports Tours International (I will ring them SB).

    DW I think my local bookshop has a copy of 26.2. Do you want me to see if I can pick you up a copy?

    SB I agree. It could be a really good article. What about it RW!
  • I know that the road runners club offer some sort of group insurance for runners as part of their membership.
    Have a look at their website, I think it is
  • Of course the insurance companies don't want to insure marathon runners. If a tubby pensioner has a heart attack on holiday, or a silly teenager falls off a balcony in Ibiza, they can wriggle out of paying up on the grounds that the claim is the result of a pre-existing health problem or the individual's own behaviour under the influence of alcohol and other such delights.

    But if a fit runner collapsed and died during a marathon, the b*ggers would have to stump up - and that's not on their agenda at all.

    When you've been around for a few million years, you get a bit cynical.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Try Extrasure 020 7480 6871 - they cover Marathon running and good premiums too
  • You'll be pleased to know that we covered this in Fitness Focus in March 2002. Drop me an e-mail and I'll e-mail the article to you.
  • Jason,

    If you see a copy of 26.2, can you buy it for me and I'll send you a cheque for it (or give it to you at Burnham if I get there)? Don't go out of your way for it though. Cheers mate, much obliged.
  • I arrange the travel insurance for Sports Tours International and it definitely covers you for running marathons. Not only for if anything happens during the marathon but also if you have to cancel the trip because you are unfit to run even if you are still fit to travel.
  • Oldbones, does this mean I could be on for a special discount...nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more... :-)
  • 1. Anorak fact :- If you run marathons or do other forms of exercise lasting 3 hours or more you've a 1:50000 risk of suffering an acute heart attack or sudden cardiac death during - or within 24 hours of - your effort. You're at greatest risk if you're young / fast / do a lot of pre-event mileage - phew that lets me off on all counts then !!!!

    2. We need to set up a members co-operative to get discounts galore!

    3. I need to get out more!
  • Jason - If Sports Tours are arranging your travel then you'd have to get the insurance through them and I have no say in discounts.

    If there's no connection with Sports Tours I will be happy to give you a quote with a special URWFRC discount!

    SS - things a bit quiet at the moment then?
  • Oldbones, I'm going to get the insurance through Sports Tours Later today. I should have done this at the start, stupidly thinking that my annual travel insurance would have covered me.

    Shattred Shins, I've no worries about a heart attack. I tend to do the minimum mileage I can get away with before an event, and then plod round. Phew!

    Thanks everyone else for there advice

  • Hi there just to ressurect an old thread, Easyjet's insurance allows marathon running as a standard activity!!!
  • I've recently taken out an on-line policy with
    which seems to cover marathon running and at a very reasonable premium.
  • Just tried to book insurance for sports tours and they said they only do it for football tours! spooky... still searching the web then...
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