Generously proportioned(not fat) club 16th Oct

Thought Id start positively
Done a 2.5 mile run/walk, only slightly damp
Has anyone else noticed the crisp thread, I am not alone
Ill have to do some research!!


  • Morning,

    Maxine's got the Lurgy so sent her to doc. Took boys to school, will work from home and am deciding on whether to run later. I was going to have a rest day but there is an opportunity to run in the daylight which is altogether more satisfactory.

    Benz - I found it and posted my favourite flavours!

  • I think I'm about the only one who still admits to preferring chocolate to crisps. I used to eat quite a lot of crisps. Mother-in-law, who doesn't like them, was terribly disapproving. "You shouldn't be eating crisps, they're not good for you," she told me once soon after we met. "I NEVER 'ave crisps." It seemed impolite to point out that M-in-L was 12 stone and I was 8 stone and surely this was therefore proof that crisps were an aid to maintaining a healthy weight.

    I have to put the crisps on a high shelf at home because otherwise the kids get up early and have them for breakfast. When Tinkerbell was a toddler, "Twinkle, twinkle little star" was not "like a diamond in the sky", but "like a bag of salted crisps".

    Eaten dodgily for the last couple of days. Terrible fibre intoxication from all that fruit. Too much chocolate and not enough proper meals eaten with cutlery. Started not too badly today - pumpernickel, banana and yogurt. I WILL run later. If.
  • Morning all, Vrap I prefer chocolate to crisps infact I am a chocoholic big style. Started today well with a bowl of fruit and fibre and have brought running kit to work for my lunchtime run all going well. Will try hard to be good today and stay off the fattening things. Enjoy your day all.

  • Not too bad a start today - some of those mini Shredded Wheat things, and tea. And then it'll be four miles tonight (come wind, rain, or whatever. But preferably not too much of the whatever).

    Whereabouts is the crisps thread?
  • I can't eat crisps, beleive it or not. They cut up the inside of my mouth and give me mouth ulcers afterwards.

    I have, however, been experimenting with Waitrose 72% cocoa dark chocolate. Very tasty, although you'll be horrified to know that the missus and I still haven't finished the 100g bar we bought on Saturday.
  • You SHARED it with the missus, Glenn? Or managed to wrest a portion from her? You're a better man than I am.

    Those supermarket 72% brands are pretty good, if a bit sugary (Asda has a 76% one which I like better) but my favourite is Hachez 77% cocoa, which I've only ever found in specialist shops. Even their milk chocolate is 55%, and it', I'm going to stop before I come over all Jilly Goolden about this. The really nice thing about the viciously dark stuff is that three of the four kids think it's horrible so I get to eat it myself.
  • Since this has temporarily become a chocolate thread I'll pose a question here since I have a dilemma.

    my wife is a confessed chocoholic, I'm not and "couldn't possibly understand...." now she's recently lost about 20lbs through that age-old combination of diet and exercise. however last night lardygirldaughter shoved an advert for joining "the chocolate tasting club" under my nose with those words "mum said she's like that as a present".

    damned if I do damned if I don't....
  • Ernie, I got a flyer about the chocolate tasting club in my copy of the Sunday Times. Pure gastroporn - and pure cheesy advertising copy! Their merchandise is not proper chocolate, it is CHOCOLATES, which are a very poor substitute. Bloody expensive too, I thought - for the cost of 420g a month of their violet creams and giandujas and ganaches, you could buy her a load of Lycra and still have enough left over for a few bars of some decent quality chocolate.

    on't buy anything on the basis of a glossy mailshot. That's how people end up with timeshares in Alcatraz and shelfloads of Jeffrey Archer hardbacks.
  • Will

    Morning all

    I’m supposed to be going for a swim today, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it as my head is swimming and I feel rather dizzy, I thought it would pass and was a symptom of my night time dehydration – but not as yet – still blur and see double now and again

    Last nights run turned into a hard fast 8-miler, battling against the wind and rain at a pace bouncing between 10mile and 10k pace – bloody marvellous


    PS – FOR SALE! – time share on the moon – hardly used :o)

  • Funnily enough, I have to go to Asda at lunch to buy salad and stuff. And, oh look, there's chocolate in the basket, no, I have no idea how it got there, it must be those evil chocolate pixies....

  • Its the white stuff I go for. Can't resist it.
  • The white stuff isn't chocolate.

    Mr A, the Asda stuff to go for is the one that comes in 150g bars rather than the 100g cardboard-wrapped ones. Gorgeous!
  • No, no, no! What am I saying! Isn't this the fat club? Brush your teeth before going shopping so that you won't want to get them all chocolatey. If you need a top-up of will-power, put some peppermint oil or a few menthol crystals in your pocket and sniff them before deciding to put the chocolate in your basket :-)))
  • Ah Vrap, my sentiments entirely - gastroporn and I guess it was the ST that provided it. The only stuff I touch needs to be as bitter as a .... I hate Uk milk choc

    so now I need to explain to lardygirldaughter so she can tactfuly explain to her mum! I'd get an earful if i tried.

  • EP - No you should not

    You should avoid chocolate except under the following circumstances

    Weekend treats
    After runs greater that 50 mins

    So if you want chocolate regular – do more runs ;o)

    PLEASE NOTE a portion of chocolate does NOT equal 1kg

  • uuh?

    sniffin' crystals? thats a bit leftfield!

    but on the chocolate thing

    I've converted myself to the hard stuff - dark n' orgasmi sorry organic too

    Got to be Green & Blacks - Maya Gold which is about 60% cocoa and then mixed spices
    also like Dark chocolate with Ginger pieces
    (bit of a spice gal- boingy spice)
    Tescos own Organic Dark isnt bad - its swiss made so its god quality.

    Interestingly I never destroy a bar of dark -its always a few sqares and only after tea/supper - pigging out on expensive choco seems like sacrilage so thats how I manage my habit

    anyway Dark chocolae is healthier and has lots of goodies in it

    have had some Chocolates from Chocexpress and although very expensive are very nice and very rich! It was nice receiving choccies through the post- even if I sent them myself!

    Anyway digressing- today is weighday for me- no loss still 13 5 argh and I risked Tanita and she said 42% oooer
    weight loss has stopped since the first 71bs 2 weeks ago but my waist measurement is nearly healthy!
    It must have been the ginger bats

    oh I'm 5'8'' by the way - if I was 6ft I'd be supermodel!
  • OK so white isn't chocolate but white, milk and dark I love it all. Thats why I am the size I am.
    Sun is shining although it is cold but will go for my run at lunchtime and I won't eat chocolate. Got my WW lunch with me.
  • Hi guys. Too busy to post until now. Glenn, crisps hurt my mouth too, as do citrus fruits, marmite and hardboiled sweeties! But then I do have allergic asthma, so maybe it's all connected. Embarrassing admittion coming up: I don't like chocolate!

    Good run this morning: 3.6 miles, with only a very short walk up a rather nasty hill. Lost 3lbs too!

    Will - how are you feeling? Sounds a bit flu-ey to me...
  • This thread is almost like an alien today.

    Chocolate is OK but it's not important. The only good use is the very strong stuff put into Delia Smiths chocolate bread pudding - excellent!

    Great run last night then I spoilt it by drinking 5 pints of beer! Now there's a thread I could really get into ....

    p.s. all complaints about my foul language should be sent to the publishers of the web site.
  • Sassie, be careful. The last time I mentioned that I wasn't that keen on chocolate there was a following suggestion that I must therefore be a cross dresser :-).
  • Help - just done my lunchtime run and it was a disaster. Just made it to my turning point and no more (its only 18 to 20 mins) the way back was painful, legs felt like lead. Had to have a couple of walks on way back. The last 3 days had gone well and I thought I was improving although not managing to shed any pounds. Glad i'm not near a shop here or it would be a choc fix to cheer me up. Oh well back to work.
  • Sassie

    I dont feel ill in any other way, just dizzy

  • Asda Report:

    I looked at every bar of chocolate in the place, and decided that, if I got a bar, I wouldn't be able to eat just one or two pieces, I'd eat the whole lot. So, I was very good, thought about how I'd have to come here and admit to being weak, and resisted.

    And then got back to work and found that someone has bought me a chocolate Santa. Damn.
  • Hi all!

    Tryer - think you did the right thing in walking back some of the way. You shouldn't push things if it's painful. Maybe you need a rest day?

    And I bet you are improving - we all have days when running is *hard* and we feel unfit, but I think that's normal. Try to take your mind away from losing pounds, because if you are doing regular exercise you will be gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room - so maybe you have gained muscle, which is good because it burns calories, whereas fat just sits there doing nothing! You can put on a kilo of weight instantly just by drinking a litre of water, so weight fluctuations are not necessarily indicators of fat gain and loss - a lot of it is changes in hydration levels.

    Well done on your lunchtime run - I have done s*d all the past 3 days!
  • One bad run isn't a disaster, Tryer. Well done for getting out and going round, and for not having the chocolate. Maybe do something other than running (or nothing at all) tomorrow and run again on Friday?

    I've been out for a run this afternoon - a generous 6 miles; lovely conditions; was really only getting properly into my stride in the last couple of miles. Then came back and downed the duck and sticky sauce wraps that I'd trousered at lunchtime. The combination of meat and sweet goo isn't my favourite, and I didn't think I was hungry, but it hardly touched the sides.

    Chocolate SANTA, Mr A? I hope you're saving it for Christmas! Watch out - some of those "chocolate" novelties are barely chocolate at all. My kids were very cross when I wouldn't buy them Harry Potter chocolate frogs, but when I saw the "13% cocoa solids" on the pack I turned into a confectionery fascist.
  • V-rap - if I mixed cocoa powder (not the hot chocolate variety) with water and drank it, would this be the purest healthiest way to get my daily portion of cocoa? Just wondering if it would satisfy my chocolate cravings.
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