Wed Session 16/10

Morning - I can't believe there was ice on my car this morning - thank goodness for heated windscreens!!
What: 7 mile fast/slow - day 3 marathon schedule
Why: day 3of schedule
Last rest day : Saturday
Last Hard Day : yesterday


  • Yes if you haven't been outside yet, dig out the thermals cause it's b!!!!!y freezing.
    Had a really good club run last night, they have started having 2 sessions one at 6.30 and another at 7.30, might try to do both on Thursday, the earlier run is a nice steady run, with only 3 or 4 of us, which suits me. Decided to try a different approach to the hill, and did sort of hill reps, instead of running up very slowly (its a long steady climb)I ran for as long as I could then walked and got my breath back, ran again, did this 3 times, one day I will run the whole thing, and not slowly.
  • Morning all

    What: Steady 5
    Why: Hard speed session last night (which for once I actually enjoyed - did reps round a loop instead of one a straight road - if makes alot of difference)
    Last rest: Monday
    Last Hard: Yesterday

  • At least it's not raining, and not too breezy. I'd forgotten how infuriating it is when the weather interferes with running. I know that real diehards just go out and get soaked and declare that they enjoy it, but I'm not ready for that yet.

    What: If it stays dry, 5-6 miles on the roads.
    Why: Need to do a proper run but still feeling as if the surface of life has not been polished properly and got a niggle in my left calf following Sunday's race (it isn't any worse after speed session yesterday so I don't think it's anything serious). Having to scratch tonight's Bodypump class because I'm on anklebiter duty. Can feel pecs starting to melt away already.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Monday.
  • Good morning,

    What : 6 mile recovery.
    Why : Hill repetitions last night.
    Last rest : Monday
    Last Hard : yesterday
  • Yawn! I'm blooming knackered this morning and the thought of training fills me with dread at the moment (forgotten what this feels like after two weeks rest), my legs are aching slightly and I'm thinking do I really want to do this but....

    What : fartlek session
    Why : Well was going to do this tomorrow lunchtime but I'm taking some collegues to a running shop, as they've entered the FLM, and I've been banging on at them to get decent shoes, so I'm going to go to a club tomorrow for the first time!!!

    Last Hard Day : Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • what: either steady 8miles or 10x400m on t'mill at >5k pace
    why: depends on weather - indoor or out, got wet last night so planned reps became 3miler at steadyplus
    last hard day: sun I think
    last rest day: sat

    must read these threads on winter clothing...but..."men in tights" has not usually been my thing.
  • I'm on a high at the moment. 6M last night, 2.5 warm up outside in the high winds and rain, then indoors on the treadmill for the rest - including 6 by 400m at 6:30 pace on a 2% incline. Reach 95% max working heart rate at peak and recovered to 75% initially by running at 10 min pace but for the last two needed to walk the recovery.

    today - rest
    why - speed session lasy night and club run tomorrow night
    last hard - Tuesday
    last rest - Saturday

    Typically as I'm not running today the weather is much better here than ysterday.
  • Come on! You can't all scoot off inside just because the first bad weather has arrived, it's only October and by the time spring has arrived you'll have forgotten what daylight looks like. Get your waterproofs out.
    (That's easy for me to say since Cumbria has better weather than the South for once.)

    What: 6 miles tempo run incl 4 miles @ 1/2m pace.
    Why: swapping rest day 'til tomorrow as I'll be on a train and unable to run then. (draw the line at jogging up and down the carriages).
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: sat
  • Morning – all stotting down up here

    Last nights temp 6-miler turned into a hard fast 8-miler, battling against the wind and rain at a pace bouncing between 10mile and 10k pace – bloody marvellous

    What : Swim
    Why : easy session and Novembers my easy month

    Last Hard Day : Yesterday (see above)
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • I ment Octobers my easy month - My heads in a shead this morning :o)
  • At last day ten, no more swimming,

    What - stationary bike at gym. level 10, 60 mins, hills. Goal, to keep rotations to 130 on hard bit & not let them drop below 100 on recovery. Real eyes out session but great feeling after.
    Why - I've had 10 days swimming since pulling a calf muscle and felt like I realy needed to push myself, now that I'm allowed to cycle, so as not to loose too much fitness. Still another 11 days 'till I can jog though.
    Last hard - 10 days(today didn't count as it's not running
    Next hard - 25 days
  • Hi Guys,
    Just done my long run, 9 mile, 1 hour 22mins,
    and I feel fantastic, the best run I have had since I started running 5 1/2 months ago, my legs were ok, my breathing was the best yet, at about 7 mile I realised I was breathing fairly normal, thats never happened before.
    It was nice and sunny and crisp when I set out but half way it went black and it got quite windy then woosh, it lashed it down, 45 degree stuff, brilliant, I loved it, my first numb forehead.
    The only problem was when I got back I noticed blood on my shirt, yes my tape came off my left nip, god its so sore, but I am on a high so who cares.........

    10 mile next wednesday, cant wait....

    Sorry to go on, but I had to tell someone.....thanks for listening.....


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Gaz - its a great feeling when you get a run like that. Just a shame they don't happen all that often. Enjoy the glow!

    What: The 7 miler I didn't do last night.
    Why: I didn't do it last night - although I did 2 miles including a long hill.

    Starting a long gradual build up to (possibly) London. Starting from 12 miles total/7 miles longest this week, building to 50 miles total/25 miles longest 3 weeks before London with 10% increases for 2 weeks then a no increase week. How long I'll stick to it is anyone's guess.
  • Thanks Nessie, I am living in hope......

    Good luck with the Marathon build up....

    Cant wait to do a 1/2 m, but the thought of 26.2 miles scares the life out of me at the moment............
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Well done Gaz,
    Gillian - re windscreens , makes me laugh round my way, every house has a garage (some have double) yet, and last winter I counted, all but 3 out of 20 houses had cars on the drive overnight.Always keep mine garaged.
    Wonder how much insurance fraud there is : "certainly mister direct line my car is garaged so less chance of theft then..."

    I digress....
    Last night did a 7 mile speedy run (3 fast,1 slow,3fast) in 45.30 - took 5 mins off my previous best for that route!

    Today, nice and fresh so took the offroaders out for a meander.
    What : 11miles or thereabouts in total, 3miles x-country,3 miles country lane,4 miles woodland track,mile jog home on road.
    All approximated from 8min/miling - was out for 1h27
    Why : fancied a long steady run and got carried away
    Last hard : yesterday
    Last rest : Monday

    Ruined it slightly by taking missus to the pub for lunch:Steak and Tanglefoot pie washed down with a refreshing mug of 6X..
    I did skip desert tho' :D

  • Hello everyone!

    What: swimming tonight, but no running
    Why: I'm having an easy week, running every other day (low mileage) at a steady pace, because I've had a couple of tough race weekends lately and need to recover. Especially if I'm to do another 10 mile race on Saturday.
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: from running today.
  • What: 21 mile bike
    Why: getting the last few rides in before it really gets too nasty.
    Last hard run: Last night
    Last rest day: Monday

    I now sympathise in earnest regarding your recent chilling marathon experience having managed to render myself mildy hypothermic on last nights run. Although we were only out for 9 miles, there was a near gale-force wind blowing and it was raining hard. I was woefully underdressed and consequently got soaked to the skin almost immediately. To top it off, the final strectch of the run was directly into the wind and by the end of this I'd lost sensation in my hands. Must've taken me 5 minutes to get the bl**dy key out of my shorts. Not fun! Anyways, all I could think of was the suffering you must have endured during your 26.2. Again, hats off for you completing the marathon in such foul conditions.
  • What: 6 miles steady
    Why: Tapering for Sunday
    Last rest day: Yesterday

  • What: nothing today
    Why: turned out to be mother's b/day tea! Whoops....
    Still, I spend a sybaritic hour in the running shop stocking up on winter running kit, so I'm already to get out there and slay those miles tomorrow :)
  • A la MM once more.

    What: 21 mins cycle out into the wind (NNE & damn cold) hard (along coastal embankment) - the back just as hard (took <14 mins)
    Why: felt the knees needed a rest from the pounding they've had on the roads lately

    last hard day:Sun
    last rest day:Sat
  • Last posting on the "session" thread, again!

    What: 7 mile cycle
    Why: Wednesday is recovery day after "speedwork tuesday"!

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Wednesday
  • hi there,
    today im doing 3 runs in total..
    did 4 miles at 7am today..b****y freezing it doing another 3 or 4 at 1pm...must get changed soon...then club run tonight..likely 8miles with a few hills..
    why:feeling good,so decided to bump up the mileage
    last hard run: last thursday..lots of hills
    last rest day: saturday
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