Posted on this site rather than " Gear " as i thought more chance of success here.

Has anyone purchased a " Patagonia men ultralight down vest / gilet " if so what are your thoughts on it ?


  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Not got one, but had a look, very nice if a bit expensive, just not sure where you'd wear it as doesn't look like any sort of running gilet.

    I would think you'd overheat in it very quickly with any sort of exercise, unless you're planning an ultra behind a team of huskies!

    I wear a gilet most runs this time of year, but windproof front, mesh rear means i don't overheat or catch the headwinds, has a couple of pockets for keys, phone, gels etc and packs down into its own pocket for easy storage/carrying - available last time I looked at Decathlon for about 100 quid less then the Patagonia - but, whatever you had in mind may be something entirely different.

    To me looks more like a walking top, or apres-ski.
  • Cheers for your reply senidM .

    Looking at multi day mountain races where you camp out on the hills and the only kit you have is what you have carried , hence light weight and packs down small.   Only to be worn once I have reached camp site , not really to be worn when running.

    Have read the manufacturers blurb , and need / would like some real life experiences.

  • I have a Nike aeroloft Gilet/vest as well as the OMM rotor vest. I prefer the Aeroloft but there is a huge but. It performs best in dry weather ofcourse. I love the vest wear it a lot. The OMM is very lightweight too but I find it a little warmer. The aeroloft has never been too warm for me. Love it.

  • RunningMax,

       thank you, will have a look image

  • I have it.  Very lightweight.

  • Any reason for a gilet design rather than smock? I like (windproof) gilets for running but always welcome having arms covered when hanging around a campsite - just makes you feel much cosier! There's a good review of the jacket version of the Ultralight here:

    Big issue with any down item is when it gets damp though - a distinct possibility if you are on a mm in this country!

    Have you considered a synthetic alternative? The Montane Fireball Verso is a great piece of kit that fits this role.

  • Just see that it is for camp. Would go for smock indeed, OMM has also the very light smock (the gilet I have but with sleeves), Patagonia makes a nano puff. Have that one too, carry it around for day running trips too. Pretty nice and light

  • Have a Montana jacket at  the mo, but its not really warm enough when the sun goes down and your not ready to turn in.

    It just takes up lots of space when space is a premium. Looking for alternatives

  • The nanopuff is quite small and packes into its own pocket. Really easy. More fill than the OMM (40 against 60 I believe) Take a look at that one

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