New Balance 830s

I've had mine since April, and I've used them (along with a heavier, better cushioned pair of shoes for easier/longer sessions) for racing and hard road sessions.

Have been racing quite a lot recently on the roads (3 10Ks & 1 5K in the last month plus some q long hard sessions), and my knees are starting to feel like they've had a good pounding.

Does anyone else have any experience with these and how long I can expect to keep using them? I suspect I've probably done about 200-250 miles in them thus far.


  • Can anyone tell me what sort of sizes New Balance shoes usually are - I can more or less guarantee I take an 11.5 in an Adidas or an 11 in a Nike - I was thinking of getting some NB mail order - never done this before and probably a bad idea but can anyone tell me if the fit is likely to be more Adidas or Nike - or something else all together?
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