Half in Feb/March?

Can anyone recommend a half for Feb/March time. My partner fancies a crack at one but she wants plenty of time to plan for it. As close to Derby area as possible.


  • The Wilmslow Hal marathon in Cheshire is on March 23rd.Find it at www.wilmslowhalf.org.uk.
  • Wilmslow in south Manchester have a good un on 23rd March 2003. About 3500 runners, flattish course, good one to get lost in if you are feeling nervous about your ability.
  • Oh bu**er!
  • www.connemarthon.com
    is a bit far from Derby but worth the trip!
  • Also stafford 23rd March 2003 see www.ukresults.net
  • The Balloch to Clydebank half is on the 3rd of March or thereabouts and is mostly flat,also in March is the Alloa half a good course except for the killer hill between 11 and 12 miles, a bit far from Derby but you could make a weekend of it
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