running vs cycling fitness

At the momemnt I'm purely a runner and have no ambitions to be a triathlete as I swim like a brick!

However.......the idea of bike/run duathlons appeals to me (particularly off-road) and I wondered how my level of running fitness would transfer to cycling. I don't want to do loads of cycle training cos I don't want to interfere with my running.

Can I put in a reasonable performance on a bike based on maybe one cycle session/wk plus my usual running programme (50ish miles/wk) or will I have do do more cycling?


  • probably need to up the biking to at least 2 sesssions per week if you want reasonable performance. don't think 1 is enough
  • I thought swimming like a brick was a prerequisite for triathlon.
  • i swim like a particularly slow and uncoordinated brick tho!
  • exile, you'll need to do more bike training

    BUT its low impact.... you can do a bike session and a run session the same day no problem
  • urgh......i KNEW i'd need to do more bike training!

    But HOPED i might be able to get away with not doing :o)
  • It depends on how well you want to do. Do you want to be competitive or do it for fun?

    I did my first tri off just one 20 mile cycle a week and managed the 15 miles in 57 odd minutes, which I know is slow, but I wasn't uncomfortable at any stage.
  • Hilly: As ever, I'd like to be fairly competitive :o)

    I realise I won't be that competitive with the cycling guys but I'd hope to pull something back on the running section. I'm only really thinking of a small off-road event for now as I don't even own a road bike.

    I spose I could incorporate cycling to work once or twice a week over the summer. 19 hilly miles each way would soon build some cycling fitness!
  • It certainly would!

    I couldn't cycle to work, well I could, but it's only 2 miles.
  • Hilly - go the long way ! :-)
  • NE - I did the London Triathlon last year; like you I swim badly, had no real cycling fitness and run a lot. I bought a bike, but kept on getting punctures... I ended up doing one 60min ride per week, and one 30min interval ride per week, both on an exercise bike. This worked pretty well - my bike leg was pretty good (and great fun). One thing I would recommend (I never did it) is to do some "bricks" - ie bike then run, or run then bike.
  • That'll be 2 miles then Cougie! :o)
  • Huw J: sounds promising! I'll start with a session a week and see how it goes I think!

    The good thing about being a cr*p cyclist but a reasonable runner SHOULD be that at least i'll pass lots of people on the run :o)

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    im the same NE, think its always better psychologically to pass than be passed
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Might explain why I like starting 10ks from the very back of the pack.

    Or maybe I'm just stupid.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    or you like watching girls bums like me

    ....did i just type that!?
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  • NE - I predict that you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of your cycling. This is on the proviso that you get at least one decent cycle ride in per week for a reasonable length of time (say 3 months?)

    Agree re overtaking and the psychological boost - in running races I tend to go off fast, so I don't usually get to pass that many people late on. However in the triathlon I came out of the water in about 200th place, and ended up in 27th at the finish, so that was a lot of fun!
  • The key to a good run in a TRI is a good bike ride - spend as much tim on your bike as you can
  • If Tim is happy with that I guess. ;-)

    Isn't the bike part the longest bit -time-wise usually.

    Until I get to swim my first tri obviously.
    (do lakes have floodlights ?)
  • Your normally on the bike longer than run + swim together
  • I'd be in the water longer than the bike ride and the run put together. In fact I don't think I'd ever make it out of the water hence sticking to duathlons!

    Daz: do you find that the bums improve as you get further up the field? ;-)
  • LOL

    I like to follow a gud bum - takes your mind of the pain

  • WW: what exactly do u follow a good bum with?

    an ice pack maybe???

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    ha. yes i garee NE, i think thats another reason for moving your way through the field as quickly as possible. its a bit like opening the doors of an advent calendar....better things to see the further you get
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  • hmmm.......i'd be worried if i passed the virgin mary and three wise men tho!
  • [rolls eyes]

    what is it with bums today?
  • I disagree! I've seen some real wobbly bums pass me!:o)
  • [note to self: wear long cycling jacket when...finally on board a bicycle]
  • I was talking about the males Jj!:o)
  • you can rate mine on friday hilly ;-)

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