Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Have signed up for this years edition, first time doing anything like this, having done a lot of cycling (road) and a bit of running (5 & 10ks) over the last few years.

Having read previous iterations of this thread it already looks like I should be changing my 2 day entry into a one day entry, and that I should be looking to get hold of a CX bike for the event.

It looks like the route has changed a bit over the last few years, making it more road bike friendly potentially, leaving me tempted to use my relatively nice road bike with the biggest most puncture resistant tyres I can get (probably 28mm Schwalbe marathons).


Any wisdom that can be imparted would be great.


Also weighing up plane v train v bus to get there and back from London.



  • Your bike must have good clearances then to get those tyres on ?

    I'd go with cross bike any time - the canal path from Fort Augustus is very cacky and the forest bit gets very muddy. That will clog the bike up and reduce clearances even more.

    No idea on transport - but i'd be looking for any excuse to use a sleeper train up to Scotland - that sounds awesome. image

    Oh get a backpack and practice running with it.
  • CX bikes works great. I hired one, because I would not want to carry mine around from Germany to Nairn and back after a holiday on the islands.

    After the part on the canal the path was a bit tireunfriendly, I have seen lots of flats.

    Do some runs after cycling on trails.

    And practice cycling with a backpack as well (should be the same for running).

    Also you should have some thoughts about food. We only got water last year. If you have no support, you have to carry everything with you.

    If this is your first longer distance (if you change from 2 day) you also should eat the same food and app the amount like you ll do in the race.

  • Just sorted accommodation at both ends. Glad I did, looks like there's absolutely naff all available already.

    Are there any reports anywhere of people who've done this on a road bike? Lots of mentions of seeing people on them during the race.

  • I used a mountain bike and certainly needed it on day 2 - wouldn't have wanted to do it on a road bike.

  • Did it last year, I have seen only one with road bike and he had a flat tire.

    Technically it is not very hard on the off road section, but there are some rocks or gravel. You can have luck, but I would not count on that image

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Going in March to ride and run the course

    Will take a cx bike.

    Anyone got any garmin maps?

    Oh doing it over two days with my brother

  • Have you had a look at gpsies?


  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    No but I will.
  • Gobi wrote (see)
    Going in March to ride and run the course

    Will take a cx bike.

    Anyone got any garmin maps?

    Oh doing it over two days with my brother


    I've starred these on Strava.

    Run 1:

    Bike 1:

    Bike 2: 

    Run 2:


    (Run 2 looks horrific when the elevation profile is visible)

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    Simply put can I ride file tread on a cross bike on both rides image
  • Most of it is fine - but there can be a lot of quite thick mud in the forest and I doubt you'll get traction on there most of the year round.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Ok so maybe the Griffos will make more sense.

    The joy of the 2 days is I can change tyres image
  • I just bunged on some marathon plus tyres, OK they're heavy on the road, and not the best in the mud - I had to push a bit, but no changing over and pretty much bombproof. I remember riding through some great big chunks of stones on teh off road bit.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Lol. You see in that case the file treads are spot on

    Oh the choices image
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    So here I am in Scotland and have just done the first run and first ride.

    Cougie - I just left the Limus on and put 55 psi in them : ?? )

    Question about tomorrow

    The 14 mile run - Can you ride the course ?

    I am here with my brother and he is a little done in after today so fear he may not have the legs for a 14 mile run.
  • Not really. There are stretches you could but I found running it tricky enough. Up and over the last hill is just walking up a stream bed and sliding down the other side.

    A mountain bike with suspension would definitely be needed I think.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Cheers Cougie
  • Bit more description here

    Have a good day tomorrow. Hope the weather is kind.
  • Any tips on trail shoes? About to buy a pair, but not really sure what surfaces are in play on the run sections?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I will be in Salomon Speed cross

    They just work well for me
  • Inov-8 X-Talon did it for me, even there was more rocks than mud.

  • Few questions on kit

    - Was planning to do it all in bib shorts. Is this normal? Comfiest for cycling and have done sprint triathlons in them without issue. Never done 21 miles running in a day in them though....

    - Stuff like Survival Bag, First Aid Kit etc, any advice on the lightest ones to get? Don't want to turn up with a 500g bag if there's one that's 100g somewhere else...

    - Final transition Bike Run in Fort William, looks like can leave bike stuff here like helmet and shoes, put in a bag and collect at the end. I'm also bringing my own pedals. Will I need to carry an 8mm allen key all the way round to be able to take them off there, or will there be tools?


  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Sorry but I have my own bikes and tools. Nothing to chance.

    I shall wear a tri suit on day 1 as nicer for running in.

    On day 2 the transition is free time so I shall ride in cycling kit and them change for the final hike.

    Can't help on kit I have just bought stuff.
  • cfgw - I always wore tri shorts. smaller pad so better for running in. Works ok for a marathon so will be fine for c2c. Also bib shorts arent great for toilet breaks.

    I just bought a survival bag - I don't think a few plasters are gonna break your back anyway.

    Hang on - you're looking for weight advantages on first aid kit - but you're hiring a bike ? Take your own bike would be the best if you can. No idea about pedals as I took my own.
  • Cheers. May go with tri shorts. Will try longer runs in bibs in next few weeks too.


    Renting a CX bike as I only have road bikes, and it saves enormous hassle travelling up from London via the sleeper bus up and sleeper train back not having a bike.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Ah... Reading , have cx bikes and own a van image
  • Fair enough then.

    Are you doing the one or two day event now ?

    Day 1 would be better if you want to wear bibs.

    Day 2 is a lot more running than cycling.
  • I hired a bike last year. I guess it will be the same company this year.

    It is quite easy, you drive with the bus on friday afternoon to Cawdor Castle with your paperthingi from the bike rental and all your bike stuff/survival kit etc what you need for the next day (bring a big plastic bag too).

    You will get your bike and there are lots of mechanics with tools running around, they fix everything on the bike.

    When you arrive in Fort William and pass you bike over to the rental guys there, they have tools and take your pedals off. You only have to pack your little bag and give it to the truck which goes in the direction you want it (either Nairn or Glencoe).

    And you only run with the kit you need for the hike.

    My backpack is the 24 l race lite or race elite from Inov-8. It was good for cycling and running and every thing fits in there (and its light).

    And I had Tri-Shorts for the whole distance, no probs at all with them.

  • cougie wrote (see)
    Fair enough then.

    Are you doing the one or two day event now ?

    Day 1 would be better if you want to wear bibs.
    Day 2 is a lot more running than cycling.


    cougie wrote (see)
    Fair enough then.

    Are you doing the one or two day event now ?

    Day 1 would be better if you want to wear bibs.
    Day 2 is a lot more running than cycling.

    Doing it all in one day now. 


  • Excellent. Hope you get nice weather for it. Its a brilliant race to do.
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