Newbie - Hell Down South what to wear???

I run marathons and road races flatter the better and think Parkrun is adventurous!!! I am in for one 'hell' of a shock on Saturday.  I am fully aware its sposed to be fun and not

Any recommendation for clothing? Long sleeve/ short sleeve, shorts/ leggings, long/ short socks.

As for shoes I've a pair of trail shoes which are going to be better than my old road shoes either way I don't mind chucking either pair if ruined after.  


  • Trail shoes for grip and I'd not wear my best kit. Do you have a helly hansen top ? They always seem indestructable.

    I'd not go leggings - they just keep the wet next to your skin.
  • If anyone gave you any Karrimor running stuff for Xmas......

  • I wore a high-viz technical t-shirt at my last Spartan. It still has mud marks in it.

  • cheers all...

    I have an old pair of Krapimore shorts I panic bought once when I forgot my gym stuff and they were £5 a pair.  Knew I'd wear them again!!!!

    Plenty of race shirts hanging around over the years will keep an eye out for some cheap helly Hansen tops ending on ebay.


  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Don't worry too much re gear, nothing you want to wear again is sensible, no spikes (think of your fellow runners), trail shoes if you've got them, but not really obligatory.

    with Cougie re leggings, and just watch out for yourself in Bog of Doom, even wading though can be a bit iffy and I've got the scars to prove it (opened my shin up like a kipper), so don't get too carried away - it is just a bit of silliness!
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