oh b*$$@r - I have a cold

After avoiding the colds and flu bugs all over winter - I now have a cold. My wife who obviously does not appreciate the presence of a finely honed athlete (albeit, well disguised) has no sympathy and says it's just a man-cold!!
The question is, I have the Sussex Beacon 1/2 on Sunday which I want to be fit for, and tonight is about 5 miles including 3 x 800m intervals. Should I run or not tonight. Is there some rule about colds above / below the neck ?


  • Don't run, get your feet up and relax, by now you should have a good enough fitness base to enable you to run the half with ease.

    Don't chance it its not worth it, you'll only prolong the cold and maybe have to miss the half.

  • Lardass

    two shools of thought here.
    1. Head cold you can run, snot comes down your face but hey whats a bit of snot ( tip: after wipeing your nose lots it becomes saw, dab a little vaseline around the edge of the nostril).

    2. below head chest/lungs, stay at home.

    However the advice from Deneo is sound and it comes down to what your goals are, if it's the 1/2 on Sunday make sure you are fit enough to line up.

    good luck.

    woof woof
  • cheers guys,
    I've had a couple of unscheduled days off now and feel better / guilty / worried in that order - still as Deneo says, I know I've done enough for the half and I s'pose that a few extra days of won't make a blind bit of difference com April 18th. May go for an easy 5 tonight or I may wait til Saturday and an easy run just before the half.
    Thanks Bently - I knew there was some sort of unwritten rule but couldn't remeber which way round it was.
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