unfit U.K.

When people see you out running they have one of two reactions. They either look at you like you're from another planet, or they say that they would like to be be as fit as you but haven't got the time to train. Yet they've got time to sit there every night and watch Eastenders, Coranation Street, Emmerdale, Brookside ect......
It just shows that the country is becoming a bunch of lazy, couch potatoes that thinks hard exercise is getting up to change from BBC 1 to ITV, instead of using the remote control.


  • I hope you feel better for that!
    (Very true)
  • Don't they realise that if they go to the gym they can still watch the TV. This is the 21st century!

    Maybe the scientists are right - exercise does keep the brain active and sitting in front of a TV does make you brain dead.

    Wonder what sitting in front of a computer all day does to your brain???
  • Lanny - you only have to look at the Dark Side posts to see what sitting in front of a computer all day does to your brain!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    For once in my life I found myself agreeing with Dubya Bush - if he can find time for going for a run then anyone can (although I'd like to see the declining employment prospects of the person who tried to stop him). Not sure he's the greatest example of running keeping the brain active though.
  • I think the couch potato sindrome seems to start at a very young age too. I remember, I had to walk to and from School from quite a young age. It was nearly a mile each way. Why do I always see all the mothers driving their little darlings to school. Making the little emporeres and princesses unfit, polluting the air for the rest of us and clogging the already busy roads so that at already dodgy public transport system stops completely in gridlock!!!!!
  • Forumites will know that I blame tobacco companies. True, video games don't help but they don't clog up your lungs with carcinogens. I see kids walking to school every day with a cigarette in their hands and it makes me so wild.
  • It amazes me how many of these little darlings ask me if i've got a light for their ciggies on the way to work, when i'm on my way home after a morning run. where do they think i'd put a light???? There's not much space in my lycras!
  • Nice sight this evening walking home from work.

    Young lad (guessing he's about 11ish) jogging along with older lady (guessing 35ish mum, certainly not built like Paula Radcliffe) - there's still hope
  • Sounds like my friend and her son. It wasn't in Bushey park area was it?
  • JJ
    Not unless they nipped on a Silverlink train up to Cheddington - but of course that means 2 rays of hope (or is it 4?). See Ricky all is not lost.

    PS - JJ did you do the Bushey 1/4 marathon when our very own Snicks won a ladies prize on the back of a most outrageous evening of partying and I trundled in about 20+ minutes later?
  • Fraid not. Very new to racing just caught the bug in late September. I love running in Bushey. Is Snicks a superstar gazelle then?
  • I'm hoping my friend will join us all in Brighton. Her son often runs with her and is 11. Cycles with his dad too :-)

    My own daughter who is 4 has started to "run races" since coming to see me in the Windsor Half.
  • JJ
    See you next year for Bushey then (or Watford 10k which is a bit earlier in the year) - both had 1(ish)k fun runs for any age kids (including 4 year olds) which mine thoroughly enjoyed - complete with certificates to take into school (I believe the phrase is well cool).

    And then there's the King Langley Puffer 10k, the Hemel 10 mile, the Ricky(mansworth) 9, St Albans marathon etc etc. Beware it can be contagious :-)
  • I know :-) I have suddenly found myself entered in a race every fortnight till christmas. I am currently considering Hogs Back 8 mile.
    Thanks for the info about bushey fun run for kids I might get her entered next year :-)
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