GNR Photos

I got an email from Action Sports International (official photographers)giving me a link to photos from the run for us to buy. But, the price for a single 5x7 print is £9.57, which seems an extortionate amount for one photo.I know that they will probably say that they use hundreds of rolls of film without any guarantee of sales, but, surely if they bought the prices down, to say £2, more people would buy.
If anyone wants a look, go to , click on Great North Run, and enter your race number.


  • I totally agree I think the price is too expensive!!!
    Still you can always down load the image and use it for your profile for this site!!
  • They have thought of that one, it is protected, so that you can't download it. Although if you have something like Sanggit which can capture screen images, you can get an image, just not very good resolution.
  • Hint, if you click on your picture and then save as web page you get a bigger picture (along with a lot of other web page rubbish).
    So what happended to the picture of Jo Sale from Radio 5
  • If you're using Windows XP, when you put your mouse pointer over the picture a little icon appears so that you can save the picture....
  • Cheers BK, it worked a treat.
  • I just looked for my picture, I looked under both my race number and surname but each time some dodgy blokes picture came up!

  • If you think your photos are dodgy then try looking at Paul Kosgei's. Some white bloke is running with a false No.1 and has been selected to appear alongside the great man!
    Personally I have six good photos, except the finish lkne has the wrong time (honest).
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