Taunton Deane Triathlon

I am VERY tempted with this one but dunno if I should enter...... Please tell me what to do.

My swimming is not good and i can't do crawl. Can cycle but are not very good on hills. Never done a tri but always wanted to do 1.
And I'll be running my 1st Marathon in April so will it be too soon?

Any comments, opinion, anything,Please ?!


  • hmmm.. just responded over there (<----)
  • LOL, I know, thanks, and I responded to your response over there :-)
  • HMG,

    don't worry about your swimming as lots of people do breast stroke, just be realistic about the time you put down to complete the swim in!

    Enjoy the bike section and again don't worry, you out to have fun!

    The run, you'll be surprised how many people you pass!

    You should be fine to do a triathlon in May after an April Marathon. I did one last year 2 weeks after a marathon.

    Go for it and have fun!
  • thanks for your encouragement Hilly :-)
    The distance aren't bad:
    swim 200m
    cylce 13.6km
    run 2.6km
    but still I am feeling a bit nervous.
    Maybe once I start training for it I'll feel more confident ?!
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