Runny nose on my bike



  • Practice makes perfect with the nostril blow thing, I always had great trouble with it but kept on trying and now it's fine! I do it when I run too...past caring what others think!
  • i do it on the tube
  • and in the swimming pool
  • do you aim for anyone on particular andy?
  • (on the tube)
    ah - sometimes wondered what that film was on my face in the pool, tried not to think too much about it.
  • actually in the pool yesterday i felt a sudden uncontrollable urge to go 'jet powered'....

    so i broke my usually perfect form and started kicking the surface around to disguise the bubble eruption (there was some woman following me doing the breast stroke)

    mwa ha ha ha
  • I'm sure on the tube everyone just pretends they didn't notice - you could literaly get away with murder on them and everyone would turn a blind eye!
  • i'm the one who blinded their eyes in the first place, with my pointy tube stick

    they pretended not to notice
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