Thank you all so much

You lot are just the best!

Woke up this morning feeling tired and grumpy - had a bad night caring for elderly mother. Went to the gym to try my first run and only managed 20 minutes so felt as if I'll never get my fitness back. Trundled my trolley around Tesco then trudged back home and was greeted by excited husband (no, you naughty things, not excited in THAT way!). "Wait until you see what you've got" he says and dashes off.

I walk into the kitchen and am greeted by the most enormous bunch of flowers complete with box of chocolates (how well you know me!!). Didn't know who on earth they were from so eagerly tore open the greetings card and burst into tears (happy tears, I should add) when I saw that they were from all my forumite buddies. What a lovely, kind, thoughtful lot you are. Mike and I were deeply touched by such a caring gesture. Also, I should reiterate here that your kind, supportve messages gave us great strength when we had the cancer scare hanging over us.

The day has just continued to get better because I've just received some new running gear from Girlsruntoo (which I might try out in the Brighton 10k) and we've had 2 offers for our house, both at the asking price.

Thank you all, once again, for being so thoughful. You've helped us so much over the last few weeks. I'm going now before I get all teary again!

Susie and Mike


  • Chief thanks shall go to DW. Speaking on behalf of many, thanks for being you Susie
  • It was our pleasure Redhead.
  • Enjoy those choccies....hope you don't get hayfever!!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Booooiiinngggg, just so everyone sees it!
  • Redhead - what's all this about them all being thoughtful. Pah! I posted a few times last week mentioning that today - Oct 16 - is might birthday and what have I had.... zilch! Oh hang on, I can hear the doorbell downstairs....
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Neilruns, I'll raise a glass or 2 to your health tonight ;-) Many Happy Returns!
  • Hi Redhead, hope you are well, see you at Brighton :)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Thanks Mr Noodle, I'm feeling fabtastic now....I've just managed to run for 30 minutes...hoorah!

    Special thanks to Lamby, Snicks, SwissBobby, NattyNoodle, JasonL, Drew, RatBag, BlueKnees and Dog Walker (& Emma) for your brilliant gesture. I look forward to meeting some more of you at Brighton and to see BK again. I may not be very whizzy but I do try!
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