Blenheim 10K Roll Call

I reckon we've got:
Melvin Maninang
Twink + 2
Janine Atkinson
Lisa C
Fiona Schofield
any others, any no-shows?

Just got my number through:
447, I'll be wearing white Hope for Children T-shirt, about 5'11", cropped hair, half a beard (the middle half!), very undertrained for it

Did anyone else register as an unaffiliated team member of the URWFRC?

Can anyone that's been before suggest a point we might meet at to say hello, say 10.10 - 10.15?


  • boing - no one else?
  • no-one else?
  • It's now Twink + 3. Due to a missing envelope we'll be the ones with hand written numbers ! Never been before but I'll watch out for your T-shirt Nick.

  • Is it true that you can enter on the day ?
    There doesn't seem to be much information on their website.

    Any idea ?
  • Last year you could enter on the day, no problem. Unfortunately, I won't be there due to previous engagement which involves dangling novice climbers off ropes in the Peak District. Where it will rain.

    Blenheim's a beautiful place, really wish I could make it. Have fun eveyone.
  • We did it ! Despite the cold & the rain our 2nd 10K was better than our first.
    Sorry Nick, I looked out for you but didn't spot you, hope your race went well.
  • Twink well done, what numbers were you? (I saw some handwritten numbers like 889).

    Finished in 51:09 according to the clock on the car, not sure what time they'll record because there was a bottle neck at the end (and the start!) & the webpage on the instructions is unkown at the moment. That's 15 secs outside my PB (my 3rd 10k) but it didn't feel that fast.
  • No idea where they were taking the finishing times. I didnt actually see a finish line. Those hills were a killer! Best bit was being able to watch the race for first place as they flew past the other way.
  • We were 180-182 and finished in 51:36 according to our timekeeper (from when we crossed the start line to joining the finishing bottle neck ). Beat our previous by 2.5 mins so we were really chuffed, especially as it was so cold & wet.
    Charles, we really found the bit to the 'turn around' an absolute killer, more due to the psychological effect of knowing what we still had to do.

    Anyway, well done everyone and I hope you're all warmed through now.
  • I had a great race yesterday. Finished in 41.45, although I didn't know where the actual finish line was, it was empty when I went through the filter. Thought the course was excellent - very scenic and fast. Well done to everyone who ran it.
  • Bren
    41:45! explains why I never saw you, unless you were one of those blurs coming to the finish as I ran off to the turn. How does that compare with your PB?

    Despite what it says on the information sheet, I suspect the results will finish up at:

    previous years are.

    Looking back there were 246 runners in 2000 & 416 in 2002, I suspect there were even more this year which put a bit of pressure on the organisation I think
  • 691 finishers this year according to the site.
  • I finished in 51.16, mind you, I stopped my watch once I joined the back of the queue for medals and realised I had actually finished!! I was really looking forward to a glorious run to the finish line, where I collapse in a heap and vow never to do it again!! My 'recorded' time will be about two mins out, I had stood in the 'finish queue' for a while (chatting!) when finally my number was taken down!! I must have been just behind you nick, maybe we had a chat at the end??!! Was definitely the hardest 10k I have ever done - nice scenery though!! Any one doing the Eynsham 10k on the 24th Nov??
  • Anyone found the full results list online yet. Because it was cold I spared my family the hanging around after the race so didn't see a results listing.

    Neenie - I collapsed into the back of a guy from Bearbrook Joggers at the end (the queue took me a bit by surprise but it was doubly embarrassing because I crashed into his running partner at the start - you know the bit when we all take one pace looking down at our watches and don't realise everyone's stopped, might explain why I usually run alone!) then was chatting to my wife and daughters on the righthand side as we waited for the man with the microphone linked to the PC to say our numbers
  • The results page I found only listed events up to the end of September. I may be slow but not that slow.
    Got round Blenheim in just under 52 mins. Too busy admiring the scenery, well that's my excuse.
    Just sent off my application for the Eynsham 10k. That's a flat 3 lap course with NO HILLS! Managed my PB there a few years ago before the old war wound flared up again.
  • Top 300 - down to 50:02 now on with the comment "The full listing is also available on this page (bear with us, it will appear bit by bit!)"

    68. 659 41:51 – Brendan Gilbert
  • and

    211. 251 46:43 – Charles Howard
  • and

    165. 110 45:22 – Fiona Schofield
  • Full results just up at:

    disappointed to see that my official time is 52:44 (the guy in front of me in the queue stopped his watch at 50:39 & the clock on the car said 51:09 when I stopped)
    - position 370th (just outside the top half of 687! finishers)

  • looks like lots of us were in the queue together
    373 - J Atkinson 52:51
    393 - D Martin 53:44
    396 - T McGuire-Brow 53:50
    397 - K Hodgson 53:51
    400 - M Jessey 53:58
    437 - B Graham 55:00

  • Wow, we all did really well didn't we! I was chatting to a guy in the 'finish queue!' who was wearing a long sleeved, bright yellow top? That any of you?? Nick, I remember a guy with glasses wearing a white t-shirt whose children were at the side giving him a lot of praise, very loudly, could that be you? I also tripped over you at the end cos I wasn't looking where I was going!! I was the shattered looking girl in a blue crop top and blue shorts with my hair tied back at the front, Yorkshire Terrier stylie!!! Well done everyone!
  • Hey, my watch said 51.16 - I'm sticking with that I'm afraid!!!!
  • Might aswell add - I've changed from Janine Atkinson to Neenie, don't know why, just seemed like a good idea at the time!
  • Neenie

    Yes that was me in the glasses - particularly recognise the children talking loudly description :-) they aren't shy retiring types my kids (can't imagine where they get it from!).

    We all seem to be clocked about 2 minutes slower than we thought - like you I'm claiming 51:09.

    Next time we'll have to make sure we all meet up ahead of the race

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