I usually run 5 times per week, anything from 6.5km minimum to 9km.
I am desperate to lose 2-3 inch off my waist and although i am not overweight i have a large waist band,
I also do speed work and some hill running. What can i do>


  • I don't think aerobic exercise as such will affect your underlying body shape or target a specific area of fat distribution (if that's what's around your waist) - you can always do abs/core stab exercises which will work your abdominal muscles - this may bring more definition to your waistline.
  • Your body needs to increase its metabolism by building a little more upper body muscle.

    ...join a gym and go to classes or go to circuit training at your local leisure centre.
  • Hi Tracey

    I would disagree with Erratic. Over the last 2 years by modifying my diet to healthier options, Changing from 3 large meals a day to 6/7 smaller ones and taking up running I have lost over 3 stone and lost 8 inches off my waist, from a 36" waist to 28". Last time my waist was this size I was a teenager :)

    You can't spot reduce body fat, so doing core exercises will not necessarily move fat from that area. Your body decides for itself where it will take fat from.

    Tracey maybe worth having a look at your diet and making changes if necessary.

    Good Luck.

  • Tracey
    Try to remember to pull in your stomach too when doing certain exercises, not for running but more actual exercising. This will strengthen the muscle without it ballooning!
    Also a good one is to tie a piece of cotton round your waist under your clothes and pull in just a tiny bit, then each time you relax your muscles it'll be tight so will remind you to pull them in until it comes naturally.
    Also diet plays a huge factor, but i'm no expert and everyone is different. But make sure you eat enough to compensate the exercise.
    Good luck
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