Lactate Threshold

Has anyone any good tips for beating lactic build up? Have printed out the "Burn Baby Burn" sesh from RW but wondered if there was anything else based no people's own experience that might help. Would be interested in hearing from people of a similar level to me - 1.38 for half mara but really wanting to get faster with increase stamina. Also dream of doing sub 20mins 5k but the old bones can't be dragged that fast at the mo.


  • I seem to be at the same level as you, 1.36 half marathon, but would like to improve that aswell. The only way I know of improving is to do the training runs, probably as detailed in your article. At the moment I am trying 1 mile warm up then up to 10 x 1/2 mile fast, 6 min mile pace, with 2 mins recoveries either slow jogs or even walking then finishing off with 1 mile cool down.
    From what I have read it seems to be a case of fast reps with short recoveries, I am hoping to run a marathon soon in Dublin so will see iif this has made much difference.
  • To build up your lactate threshold you basically need to increase your aerobic threshold further. Lactic acid build up is when the body is producing energy anaerobically thereby releasing lactic acid as a by product. Therefore by training at a higher intensity for longer will allow the body to increase its aerobic threshold and hopefully fend off the earlier onset of lactic acid build up. Sarcy1 suggests a good interval training method that should work. After a period of time you can shorten the recovery sections, then increase the intervals to a harder pace with longer recoveries. After a while you will be able to decrease recoveries again and increase intervals. This cyclic process should hopefully build up your lactate threshold!! P.S. I'm great at giving advice but I'll stick to my slower pace!!
  • As Alison says, the key is to build up your lactic threshold. Training runs at or just below your lactic threshold will help to increase the pace you can run before you produce more lactic acid than can be deal with by your body (not well explained but hopefully you get the jist).

    I think this is best done by doing tempo runs(running at a constant effort). Warmup run for about 10 mins, then increase pace to between 10k and half marathon effort for about 25 mins then cooldown for 10 mins (as your fitness improves, the tempo time or pace can be increased. If you add this to your weekly schedule, it might help improve your 10k and half marathon time. Good Luck!
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