shopping onlne

being the luddite (spelling!) that I am, I wonder if anybody else does the same?
Do you guys buy your shoes etc online or just look at the website and then phone up the store to order anyway? I'm just still concerned about using credit cards online.
any thoughts


  • LarsLars ✭✭✭

    I am bying a lot of things online, and I am not concerned about the safety of my credit card.
    But I would not buy my shoes or anything that really has to fit online.
  • Well, I do a lot of shopping online and my credit card company phoned me to ask if I had ordered such and such from the USA and also paid for UPS shipping with my card. I said no... actually, make that NOOOOOOO!!!!!!, and they cancelled the transaction and card and re-issued my card with a new number.

    Thank goodness they were on the ball. I now read my statements VERY closely and query every item I don't recognise (sometimes CC statements come out as the parent company address).

    hasn't put me off, just made me wiser.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've bought a few things online with a credit card, with no problems. If you are concerned, get a new card to use for internet purchases only, and keep a very low credit limit on it (say £150), so that if anyone does get your details, they can't do too much harm. Also, a lot of cards now have a phoneline facility, so you can check your balance daily.

    PS - your spelling is fine, but you should have used a capital "L".

    Ms Pedantic.
  • I've bought loads online from all sorts of companies. I always check how they are processing the card, security etc before I type in any numbers, but I've never had a problem or even any reason not to make a purchase. I haven't heard any horror stories from friends and they all buy online too. Which is not to say it's 100% safe, but it's no less safe than giving your credit card to a waiter or shop assistant. (in my opinion, she says, trying to avoid being shot down in flames...)
  • I buy online and have never had any trouble but I only buy from places that you can contact by 'phone or are well known sites. I wouldn't buy shoes online as You really need to try them on even if they are same make and model. I tend to buy kit, books, etc but not in large amounts.
  • I think it's no more risky than giving your card details over the phone or as already said passing your card to a waiter/waitress etc.
  • It is possible for someone to see your details (but unlikely),so I would advise against using switch/solo and use VISA/MASTERCARD instead, as any items bought are insured automatically. I find the companies advertised in the magazines are usually fine,but you may want to phone them anyway as some items sold online are sometimes out of stock.
  • It is actually easier to hack phone systems than it is to hack secure transaction pages - Just make sure the page where you enter you CC details is secure (little lock logo in the corner and you can also check that there certificate is current)

    [I use to be responsible for both e-commerce systems and telemarketing systems]

  • I agree with what has been said above, but as I said, I do a lot of online shopping, but now I am wiser and do checks. If you do this, including for telephone credit card transactions, then you shouldn't go far wrong.

    BTW, my CC company rang me to query the transaction because it was out of the usual for my pattern of spending (on that card!).

    I totally agree about the extra protection you get from using a credit card. Mmm smell those Tuareg campfires!
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