What's the best way to make coke flat quickly?

Long bike ride tomorrow and want to make one of my bottles flat coke...


  • Eugh! Really?
  • use a whisk. That's whisk NOT whisky.
  • pour it into a bowl and whisk it or stir it
  • stick a spoon in it.
  • Thanks everyone - i'll try them all (except maybe the salt!!)
  • if the ride is tomorrow, why not just leave the top off tonight?
  • (iso-tonic coke...Maybe...?!!!)
  • i stopped using flat coke anyway after i made an amazing discovery..... pro plus tablets
  • Going out tonight - and got to leave at 6 in the morning - wife said she'll kill me if I wake the kids up before I go so got to pack the car this afternoon...
  • yeah i get told things like that, but it goes in one ear and straight out of the other
  • Andy,

    When do you use pro plus. Every time you run?
  • just on long runs or rides (3 hours +)

  • More info please -
    before you go or after an hour or two ?
    How many ?
  • i'm presuming chris is wanting coke for the lovely, fat metabolising caffeine
  • yeah - cos I've got a few percent of fat needs metabolising and tomorrow seems as good a time as any
  • i follow the maximum dose per the packet

    take 2 tablets 30-45 minutes before starting, then two per hour

    it recommends no more than 12 in 24 hours, which would prima facie affect the dosage when actually racing

    but i think i'll ignore it
  • If you take that many can you still sleep that night ??
  • presumably you burn it off or something??

    i did 20 miles t'other night whic finished after midnight... was asleep by 1
  • Isn't there risk of dehydration with so much caffine?
  • nope i don't think so... the diuretic effects of caffeine are grossly overstated in the popular consciousness (according to an article wot i read on caffeine in endurance sports last year)

    this seems to be born out by my experience... eg t'other night I ran for 2 hours 30, drank 1 litre of lucozade orange (and was well hydrated beforehand), had 6 tablets in total, did one small wee wee after about 7 miles
  • I'm sure I've read there aren't any diuretic effects whilst exercising only when sedentary
  • How do you know they work Andy-do they make you feel different when running compared to when you don't take them?

    Also, are they addictive?
  • addictive? no hilly, i just have a touch of flu today...
  • hilly the theory is that caffeine assists fat metabolisation (its well established too... caffeine sometimes appears on banned lists for various events)

    it helps the effect if you don't take caffeine at other times - so not really addictive, as you arent having coffee or whatever through the week

    i haven't recorded the differential results, as my sasco wall chart training log fell off the wall in january and is stuck behind a cupboard - but i think there is a marked difference in the ease i can bang out 2 laps of the village in 2:30
  • So do you take the 6 tablets before you run or some before and some during?
  • http://www.firstendurance.com/newsletter17.html

    there you go - the synopsis is 'should be OK if you are a "trained athlete" but (as with anything) introduce with caustion'
  • i think that would make your head explode

    2 about 30-45 minutes before, then about 2 an hour

    i usually do '2 a lap' rather than 2 an hour, which works out at 2 every hour and a quarter
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