Bath Half?

Has anyone heard if they are in?


  • There was a post earlier from Mr Silly on 14/10/02 saying that his cheque had been cashed.

    Apart from this I have not heard about anyone else. I sent my entry form in but do not know if my cheque has been cashed.

    When did you apply?
  • On the first day we were able to the 9th I think. Oh well just have to wait and see..let me know when your in!
  • My cheque was cashed a couple of weeks ago. The following is displayed on


    We regret that all the general public places for next year's race have now been allocated.

    Entries received on or before 26th September are likely to be successful. Entries received between 27th September and 1st October are unlikely to be successful. Entries received after 1st October will definitely not be successful. The position should become clearer as we continue processing the entries received.

    Around the middle of October we hope to be in a position to post a list of successful entrants on this website. Successful applicants will also be notified by post shortly afterwards. Please be patient and do not contact the office for confirmation.

  • I too have read this on the site - I am just hoping that I will get in.

    Multi/Karen what times are you hoping for?
  • I did the Liverpool Half last year in 2:13 purely as something to keep me ticking over outside of the football season. Now that I've had to pack it in (family commitments), and can now focus on running a bit more I'm hoping to do around 1:40-1:45.

  • If I get in this will be the first ever half I have done, it will also be the furthest I have ever run.

    I am not going in with a specific time in mind but just want to complete this to the best of my ability. I have to say that my ability is not very good but am determined to do this. I would think that 2.30 would be reasonable.

    No where near your league!
  • As they say, you're bound to get a PB the first time. Let us all know if you get in. I'm sure that there's bound to be another URWRFC gathering. Mind you, as discussed in a previous thread, the Bath course ain't that great anyway.
  • I put my application in on the first day and had my cheque cashed on 1st October. Haven't heard anything yet though.

    It'll be my first one too, I'm quietly hoping for around 2 hours, but finishing will be the main challenge! I wish people would stop saying how boring the course is...
  • I will be too tired and out of breath to even notice my surroundings!

    As I said before, it will be my first so the goal is to finish.

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