Proud to be Welsh

Need I say more
We were STUPENDOUS, even if the fairweather Giggsy was playing


  • well its his only chance in Europe

    (he's not areal welshman)
  • bet he is, its only your grandparents that have to be
  • Look Ive already told you elsewhere it was only Italy, their nation is that corrupt that you probably bribed the team with 11 frustrated sheep!

    Anyway make the most of it you only get the opportunity to celebrate your sporting prowess once a decade (Colin Jackson aside)
  • Then again could you fiond 11 frustrated sheep in Wales?
  • I need say no more
    WE WON
  • congrats benz - what a week you're having! Over on the Dublin thread we're crying into our beer about both the England and the Ireland results!!!

    Xpect that makes Wales' result even better tonight!

    On the news thay've just said that tonight's soccer was full of surprises . . no doubt you'd disagree?

    Well done Wales . .
  • Do you want to know, really
    it will cost you
  • .. especially as there are no easy internationals these days, you have to respect all countries, even minor teams play with heart and organisation, there are lots of skillful players who herald from lesser nations

    - yes I have just finished watching a dire England 2nd half

    PS Benz I went to school in Criccieth for a few weeks, can I be Welsh for the evening please
  • I wish David seaman could be Welsh for just tonight
  • leave Spunky alone!

    my Grandmothers parents were from Anglesey and I always wanted to play for Wales!
  • At last , after the widerness years of kick and rush with Bobby Gould ( An Englishman.....Says it all !!! ) A Welsh team that plays proper football .

    A knighthood for Mark Hughes ???????
  • All hail Sven Goran Eriksson


    Deep thinker...

    Good Coach...


    yeah right more like

    Mr Burns lookalike!

    Long ball merchant!

    Skirt chaser!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I actually watched the match last night (usually avoid football like the plague) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I even cheered out loud at the second Welsh goal. A good win, especially as the Italians were plaing with 12 men.

    Maybe Scotland's 2 wins in their 2 games this week have mellowed me, but I might be persuaded to watch footie more often.
  • Yes well done Wales, and also well done to Scotland for winning two games in a row, pity about England.

  • As I saw saying to my colleagues in Cardiff this morning - I think it's very heartening to see that the Welsh have finally found a ball game that they're reasonably good at....

  • True Mr A
    Rugby is deadly anyway, at least we got a fab stadium out of it

  • Welsh rugby's making a comeback, benz - still, there's no hurry....
  • Is it??
    Better move soon then
  • Anyway, how's your national stadium England?

    Also, you may recall Wales beating England at cricket this summer, so that's two ball games that we are quite good at.

  • Twickenham? It's fine, thanks.

    Cricket? That's not a real game! And anyway, everyone can beat England at cricket! It's hardly a claim to greatness!

  • Fair comment I suppose. But Twickenham
  • I mean Twickenham is where you go to receive corporate hospitality with some blokes running around in the background.
  • I am not Welsh at all, but well done to Wales last night, just dont relax in the next games and carry it through to qualification this time.
  • It'd be great to see Wales qualify. They had some great players in the late 80's early 90's but didn't have the depth of squad. COME ON WALES!
  • just cll me Giggsy. I'm half Welsh & half English so I pick & choose. Last nite definatley Welsh!

    Does anyone know how many from each group qualify?

    Top two?

    Winner of group & play offs for second place teams.

    Just the winner of the group?
  • I tell you folks, damned hard to be English living in Wales today. Well played taffies and bad show to us Anglos.
    Honestly, they win a game and they think they are God's gift!!!!....

    Seriously, well done, thank god Bellamy is a Toon lad. No need to thank us for loaning him to you last night
    Nothing wrong with that third goal.The ref is an idiot.
  • Agreed
    The refs a banker!!
  • Ship's anchor
  • Benz, my reindeer run stuff has arrived
    Number 99!
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