More calories in than out making us slightly cuddlier (not fat) club 17th Oct

I can't believe I am still awake at this time when I've got an interview in the morning. Hopefully be back to a normal lifestyle with time to train and see my fiancee(and no money to spend on booze or food). Should be nice and fit again soon.

Gonna get a sub 60 minute 10 miler in the next few months.


  • Malt loaf before bed.... yum!!!
  • God luck for your sub 60, that is a target of mine for next year.
  • I so hope I get to go back to my old job!!!

    At the minute I have a 90 minute commute each way to work and work from about 7am until whenever I get finished which is normally between 8pm and midnight doing work that really bores me. If I go back to my old job I have a 20 minute run to work, grab a shower and be at my desk by 8:30, get to the gym every lunchtime, and still be home by 6pm... on top of that I get to do work that I love...

    Can everybody please cross everything they can all of today... I won't cross everything or they might think I've gone a bit wierd over the past couple of years.
  • Natty, did 1hr 12mins in the Wimbledon 10 mile a couple of weeks ago... so I only have to cut about a minute per mile... surely that can't be too difficult... I also hope to learn to fly, walk on the moon and play premiership football before the years out.

    They say if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything... hmmmmm...
  • Go well Gordon. Don't forget to make them realise how valuable you are to them - don't sound too desperately keen!

    Pulled a muscle in my shoulder moving bags of sand yesterday, so not too happy. Hope it's better for my run tomorrow.
  • Good moaning (policeman from French resistance spoof thing on TV)

    Didn’t get for my swim yesterday as I could not shake the dizziness at all – I’m feeling a bit better today, so I hoping to get out for a quick 6-miler tonight.

    Following on from yesterday - I don't normally bother with butter on malt loaf

    Sassie - why sand bags – are you excepting a flood?


  • Morning everyone.

    Good luck with the interview Gordon, but in any case don't put up with any nonsense from your current employers. I think we do something broadly similar and I told my lot that I wouldn't work late on my interview!

    Sassie, assuming you don't work as a builder, do you move bags of sand just for fun? You could market it as a weight loss/diet regime - call it Sandersize or something and you could be quids in. Or extend the idea. Get your class to carry bags of sand to where needed, then mix cement (some with shovel in left hand, some right hand), then lay a few bricks. Charge them £5 per session and get a new conservatory built at the same time, and they'll have a perfect physique!

    Now, where did I leave those tablets?
  • Morning everyone

    Good luck Gordon, hope all goes well! Your hours at the moment sound horrendous!

    Sassie, hope your shoulder feels better before tomorrow! Are you currently moonlighting as a builder?

    Did half hour run yesterday with only a couple of walk breaks, legs don't feel too bad today. Off to Weightwatchers at lunchtime, trousers are feeling looser so the healthy food/exercise thing must be working.

    Have a good day!

  • Gordon, I hope your interview goes smoothly and you get the result you want.

    Sassie, I don't think moving sandbags is the least bit strange, and hope your shoulder problem is just a twinge and not an injury.

    Sunny today. I feel much better as a result. Hoping for a good run later.
  • Off to interview... sun is shining... perhaps it's a sign (what do you think Sassie)? Or perhaps it's just a sunny day.

    Speak to you all this arvo (been watching antipodean rubbish this morning)
  • Morning all,
    Good luck Gordon! Didn't do my run yesterday after all, as I'm still not feeling 100% - WW I think I've got what you've got - as I keep feeling dizzy and light-headed. Every time I stand up, I feel like I'm going to pass out - how strange! Don't feel ill in any other way though.. Anyway, I feel ok this morning (so far!), so I'm planning on going for a gentle run. It's a lovely morning here too - although cold (as I've been out in the garden in my flimsy pyjamas trying to retrieve the nutty boys this morning!).. so I might put my winter kit on and go for a nice little run. Hope you're all ok!
    Michelle x
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all. I ran for 30 minutes this morning...hoorah...I feel more like a runner again! Feeling thinner too, probably just because I've started my workouts again.

    Hello Mr Noodle, don't often see you on here (you being a slim noodle and all!).

    Gordon, best of luck with the interview. Hope you get what you want.

    EP, whilst receiving bollocking just imagine Team Leader in the nude/on the toilet/being sick etc, it will make you feel much better - just don't giggle!!

    Sassie, if you're changing your vocation to the building trade you can come and help with ur house renovations! Didn't know it flooded around Leatherhead(?)

    Hey Michelle, good news about Steve. Hope you manage your run.

    V-rap, hope Lazeeboy is behaving today and that you don't have any smelly ulcers to deal with!

    I don't put butter on malt loaf either WW, who needs those extra calories and animal fats. Actually I do prefer it with butter on but I usually try to be good.

  • Feeling really stiff and achy today - had a pretty bad run last night (kind of). I was only doing four miles (still building up), and after 1.5 miles, I was really struggling. Still, I forced myself round, and was surprised to find that I was about 40 seconds faster than my previous runs. Mind you, I'm paying for it today. And I'm still putting off getting on the scales...

    Oh, and Anthony Nolan have just rung me to tell me that they've giving me a Gold Bond place for FLM 2003, since I ran for them last year.

    Gordon - best of luck. Hope it goes well.

    EP - when getting your bollocking, start crying. They won't have a clue what to do. I've always found this especially effective!

    Redhead - good for you, and keep it up!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Good luck Gordon, I've got my fingers crossed for you! If you don't get the job (which I'm sure you will), direct your current employers to the DTI website, and in particular the page on "working time directive" (unless of course you are a junior doctor).

    Today should be a good day diet-wise, as I'm off to the dentist at 12 o'clock to get a tooth out, so lunch will be a glass of water!
  • Hi all,
    Sorry I know I'm going off the subject here, but could anyone please tell me the name of the book by Lance Armstrong, about his fight against cancer.. was it called 'It's Not About The Bike..?' thanks. I want to get it for my cousin to try and give him hope and encouragement.
    Michelle x
  • OOopps

    Ramblings of a drunken man!

    Bad Head
    Bad Head
    Bad Head
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Michelle - yes, it is called "It's not about the bike". I got it from the Book People's website, along with "Revolutions" (v.funny) and "Breaking the Chain" (about drugs in the TdeF) for £4.99 and it was delivered in 2 days. If you go to and do a search on cycling.
  • Nessie - thanks ever so much.. I'll do that!
    Michelle x
  • Did you like Revolutions?? I thought he was too much up his own ar#e. A Bill Bryson wannabe who's idea of humour is being nasty about the French. As we say in these parts "Avais vous une cuppa!" Atonement by Ian there's a book.
  • Hi everyone

    Just got back from WeightWatchers - lost 4lb!!! Suspect that this is largely due to lost fluid as a result of eliminating salt from my diet almost completely (at least the nurse told me that this would happen!) but feel quite chuffed anyway!

    Redhead - glad to hear you are back out and about, good for you!

    Michelle - saw on other thread news about Steve, that's really good, hope you and family are doing OK.

    Mr A - good luck with the Golden Bond place!

    Have a good afternoon everyone!
  • The Tortoise - well done for the 4lb weight loss - fantastic! Thanks for your good wishes about Steve too. I'm hoping to see him this weekend and want to give him the Lance Armstrong book.
    M xx
  • Okay, I'll put you out of your misery. The sand is for something called Jungian sand play. It's a type of psychotherapy that enables adults to be a bit childlike and play, and act out things that are happening in their lives using the sand tray and little models. I make the rest of you seem quite normal, don't I?
  • cool, Sassie
  • Wow - all this time people have been calling me childlike - and now I can tell them I'm being Jungian! Thanks Sassie.

    Good luck everyone -- it seems life is demanding for most today. Me I'm eating hard to aid recovery from drinking hard last night again! I've told my wife we are having no more alcohol in the house - that should last till .... oh Saturday assuming we can get past Friday ....... and today.
  • anyone got a good recipe for tomato soup - a good hot spicy one preferably - as i need a transfusion - i'll ask Nigella- before I empty the shops of it?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Back form the dentist - still got the tooth, but my mouth is partly frozen, so a cup of soup - carefully eaten - for lunch.

    I'm still reading "Revolutions" (about 3/4 through it now) and I must say I am enjoying it. I can't say that I've really got the impression that he's being nasty about the French in general, just about some individuals, but maybe that's more because I read in bed and usually wake up when the book hits the floor. I have had on or two out loud chuckles (budgie perches and hayfever tablets spring to mind), and I like the style of writing, which to me makes it a good read. Don't know whether I'd like the guy if I met him, but that's a different matter altogether.
  • "It's not about the bike" - one of the most inspiring and moving books I’ve ever read
  • Hi all!

    Hope your Thursdays are going well (mind you - with interviews, team leader bollockings, dizziness and pulled shoulder muscles, sounds like things could be better!).

    Glenn - I am currently in the process of copyrighting your Sandersize idea - hope you don't mind. All I have to do is post it in an envelope addressed to me and not open it when I get it back, apparently.

    To all the Scots out there - does anyone know where you can buy macaroni pies in England? I used to live in Scotland, and still have cravings for them 8 years after I moved back down here. Failing that, have you a recipe? Can't find them anywhere in shops. I know this is "fat club" but macaroni pies contain pasta & cheese, two staples in a balanced diet.

    Still have done s*d all running this week - aiming to concentrate my runs around the weekend & planning to do one tomorrow.

    Have fun everyone!

  • SR, you should be renamed Evil Runner. You could at least cut me in on the deal!

    Anyway, people will have seen the date and time of my post this morning. See you in court Moriarty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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